Saturday, January 25, 2014

paotalk: ilonggoness and smartass-ing baby boy!

ok before ko makalimutan na naman tong mga nakakalokang banat ng paolo namin (he's 2yrs 3months now), would love to share it here:

1) part of his regular speech these days ang mga ilonggo words/expressions na to:
    - "ka da'!" or equivalent ng "ka dyan!" in tagalog.... used in a smartass way like this:
                   mommy: pao love na love mo play sa choochoo train mo ngayon a...
                   paolo: choochoo train ka da'!

    - "ara" meaning meron or nandyan.
                    paolo: mommy ara na pizza!!! pera mommy, pera!

     - "gane" or equivalent to "yun pala" or "pala" in tagalog. may be used to emphasize 
                     mommy: naligo ka na pao?
                     paolo: ligo na
                     mommy: (did not hear what pao answered) ano ulit?
                     paolo: ligo na gane....

2) paolo after us walking from where daddylo initially parked the pickup and then noticing that it was actually following us walk to the park:
               paolo: "baliw daddylo, pinalakad papao!"

3) while eating dinner, daddyboo overlooked a small tendon of a chicken feet, included it in a spoonful of food given to paolo and then the little boy noticing it:
                paolo: "daddyboo talaga, subo ang buto kay papao!"

scary to think about mga banat nya lately, but it has its funny side too.... must reinforce guiding him in choosing words and ways to express his thoughts.... :-)

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