Thursday, April 4, 2013

my 20 things to do before 40

that title sounds weird.... i can't believe i'll be 40 in 9 years... hehehe i still feel like the girl from highschool (o at least highschool na, not elementary! i matured a bit you know! haha). 

so i've turned 31 today... the last number you'll ever find in the calendar.... so, what now? last year, turning 30 made me feel really overwhelmed with all the things i experienced and all the things i have... now it feels a little kinda serious. probably because of the uncertain things happening in the office. but let's not spoil happy days like this.... let me list down happy things i want me and my boys to experience before  my 40th (pao will be 10 and mateo 9 and the daddyboo 41!!! by then hehe)

1) surf with my boys (at least 4x before the deadline. surf places to conquer: La Union, Pagudpud, Siargao, Baler)

2) extreme white water rafting with the Kaladkarins, and a separate white water rafting trip with the boys (CDO or Davao or the Cagayan up north - i dunno which white water is the the best hehe).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

fave manila foodtrip

foodtrip will always be a part of my itinerary where ever i find myself, hoping to try something new and probably replicate it at home! but when it's Manila, my home for 11years, my list of what to eat will always include the following (and more!!! but since my tummy will only have some capacity,  i just try to accomodate as much of my faves as i can hehe)

italiani's sicilian salad will always be a fave! iya,imee and KV (my HDPP buddies) were the ones who introduced me to this.... somehow managed to force my GE friends (kuya jods, ezra, dianne, julie and ugags) to like it too after my several wins on American Idol bets with kuya Jodl and this is always the prize i ask hehehe... and eversince we parted ways, a get-together would always mean a sicilian salad date at italianis! :D (their pasta and pizza dishes are also perfect!)

i love the lemon de jan dressing, grilled chicken, bits of mangoes and grapes, croutons and greens combi... refreshing! i've tried to recreate this at home already!!! well except for the dressing which kuya jods seems to have figured out (mayo+garlic+some lemon i think)... it's something i will have to try soon! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

kusina xprmnt: lemon pesto pasta

here's a super delayed recipe post... this was during the peak of my lemon-pasta craze... been experimenting pasta recipes with lemons (well not really hehehe i only came up with 2... the lemon-garlic and this one, the lemon-pesto pasta hehe)

am sharing this very simple yet taste-like-a-pro recipe! :D

here's what you'll need:

olive oil
parmesan cheese
pesto (there's ready made in groceries already)
canned tuna (to top the pasta)
salt & pepper to taste


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