Thursday, May 31, 2012

how to raise a football player

actually, i don't have any idea.... the daddy's such a sports fan (basketball most specially) so he got the little boy these balls even when he was just 2months old i think... now that he's almost 8months and has mastered cruising around his crib (front or backways), the balls are finally useful! :-) 

last sunday (May27), i was cheering his cruising around the crib when he started kicking these balls... good thing mommy's camwhore skills' still good, was able to get the cam while he's still in the mood for kickballs! :-) those legs, oohhh they have real good grip im'ma tell you! they grab waaay better than his arms! so i wonder, will he really be playing football later? ha! stagemom mode! well, cliche as it may sound, whatever he wants... but mommy's surely gonna be around to play with him too! :-)

we've finally met McArthur! (Tacloban City)

...and finally, i will be able to continue my Tacloban series... hehe this was a trip I had with my GE buddy Ezra back in 2010 (before I got married and got myself a baby!)... i started the series but didn't get to finish, so here's another attempt to complete it, i'm just too OC to let go and leave it undone hehe :D


when we travel we as much as possible try not to be too touristy... but Mr. McArthur seems to be too irresistible so we included him in our IT... The park is located in Palo, Leyte, some 5kilometers or so from Tacloban. The fun part here is more on figuring out how to get to the park, we opted to commute around Tacloban instead of hiring a ride so we spent some time trying to find the jeepney's terminal. 
here's a few facts i read about the creator of the Leyte Landing Memorial (from Ivy Eunice's blog)
  • the taller-than-life McArthur and gang was made by Anastacio Tanchangco Caedo (1907-1990) from Batangas. 
  • He was mentored by Guillermo Tolentino (creator of the UP Oblation among others). He assisted Tolentino in most of his works. 
  • Guillermo Tolentino actually modeled The UP Oblation through Anastacio Caedo's physique, not by the famous Fernando Poe Sr. 
Among McArthur's landing gang, this particular character had become my fave. Well, for the simple reason that he's the only one without anything on his head. :-) hehe

Read from this post that there were some historians who said that it actually took them 5hours and 3 takes to create that historic "I have returned" video of McArthur. Craziness! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

labor day at the pond

this year's labor day was one of the hottest day this summer... and since our side of the world was still infested with 6-8hrs of blackouts at that time we decided to head to the fishpond where fresh air is unlimited. 

the pao enjoyed himself soooo much with his bird watching... nothing gets his attention better than birds flying near or far... :-) he's in his best element when he doesn't have to sweat because we have a good supply of cool wind! more outdoor little trips for us sweetheart! :-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

aratiles hunt on Mothers' Day

we've spent mothers' day in my inlaws' farm... and while checking around i immediately spotted the 2 aratiles trees! we ransacked it for whatever little ripe aratiles it can give us... this picking of aratiles is definitely one of the fun memories i have from my childhood... i love the picking part more than eating the harvest! i enjoy spotting ripes and trying to get it, either we climb or jump for the fruit or even put our sungkit skills to test! :-) what made it more fun this time is because i have my little pao with us! he's loving the outdoors already... but i think he's not used to some fun riot yet because he cried when we were laughing and shouting over a datiles that's hard to reach...he had fun overall though, and so did all of us!

he got acquainted with cats and pigs and cows, just a few animals that doesn't exists in our place. :-) i love that he's not afraid to be brought near them, and even wants his feet touch and feel cats and cows and pigs hehehe

here's a little photodiary of that day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

chillax at the pink sand beach

this will be our only beach trip this summer... take note, just this summer... hehehe because there'll be more for the rest of the year, that's for sure! :-)

we've been to Sta Cruz Island several times, this is my 4th i we were not that excited anymore, but still we wanted to feel summer and so off we go... the plan: just chill at the beach before we need to turn to our busy bees mode in the next days... 

a little dip before everybody else arrived in the island that day, a very sumptuous feast, lots of laughtrip and camwhoring galore... that's our little way to chillax. :-)

happy mothers day to you and to me!

it feels a little weird that starting this year i will also be receiving mothers' day greetings... i'm now part of the elite force of mommies worldwide...and i'll get the sweetest laway kiss from my little dude... :-) it feels a little surreal. :-)

i'm still a newbie to this mommy business but i'm soooo loving it. :-)

and to the mamang who raised us all 3 really really well mmmmmwuah! i may not be the kind who tells how much i love you and how grateful i am... but i am... :-) 

happy mothers day to us all pretties!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1st Paseo del Mar trip ni Pao

yey! finally we were able to bring the babyboo to Paseo! it was a major field day for him... he loves open spaces and lots of curious stuff around!!! :-)

we've been planning for this trip for as long as i can remember... we decided impromptu after pao's immunization that day that we'll treat him with a little sidetrip... the prick didn't bother him at all the whole time! im'ma proud momma! hehehe mataas din tolerance sa pain ng babyboo ko!!!

the Badjaos who flock the place for coin diving made those brows meet again... :-) daddy and tita leila was throwing coins for them to dive so almost all bancas in the area went right in front of us... the drum and the dancing got him hooked at them... :-)

love my curious little man to bits!!! <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

wow... 1year!

time flies sooooo fast indeed... no, make that super duper mega fast... :-)

happy 1st hon! :-)


Friday, May 4, 2012

promding chamimay is under construction for the meantime

well.... that is i'm still trying to put some order in my archiving... hehehe been wanting to have pages which will lead you to a more organized index because this blog is one big chopsuey of my everything.... i realized i don't have the skills to do an elaborate page yet and also learned that blogger can only provide static pages so i'm resorting to a barbaric way (manually doing it, that is hehehe) of linking all my posts per page... if there's anyone  who happened to pass this way and knows how to.... please i beg you, help me. :-) hehehe 

i found a blog who has what i had been thinking all along.... here, check this out: :-) well i'm not really keen on wanting my blog to be like that, i still want my homepage as plain and simple as i have it now, i just want my posts to be linked in the pages automatically and with the summaries and photos too.... 

i suppose this is what's going to eat my online time this month... :-) fingers crossed i hope to figure everything out by end of May! 

yey to little projects! :D


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