Saturday, May 19, 2012

labor day at the pond

this year's labor day was one of the hottest day this summer... and since our side of the world was still infested with 6-8hrs of blackouts at that time we decided to head to the fishpond where fresh air is unlimited. 

the pao enjoyed himself soooo much with his bird watching... nothing gets his attention better than birds flying near or far... :-) he's in his best element when he doesn't have to sweat because we have a good supply of cool wind! more outdoor little trips for us sweetheart! :-)


  1. Wow!~ Andaming fishies!! hahaha! Where is that located? did you actually fish? :)

  2. it's in my parents' fishpond kai! :-) not during this visit, pero there were times before when i have some friends come over and we actually fish...tilapia! :-)

  3. Hi PC! I like the way you put words together and the last gif photo of your babe. I love this post. I wish I could bring my lil M in a farm like this.

    1. thanks for the sweet comment Nean! :-) oh please bring your lil M to the farm.... :-)



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