Thursday, May 31, 2012

how to raise a football player

actually, i don't have any idea.... the daddy's such a sports fan (basketball most specially) so he got the little boy these balls even when he was just 2months old i think... now that he's almost 8months and has mastered cruising around his crib (front or backways), the balls are finally useful! :-) 

last sunday (May27), i was cheering his cruising around the crib when he started kicking these balls... good thing mommy's camwhore skills' still good, was able to get the cam while he's still in the mood for kickballs! :-) those legs, oohhh they have real good grip im'ma tell you! they grab waaay better than his arms! so i wonder, will he really be playing football later? ha! stagemom mode! well, cliche as it may sound, whatever he wants... but mommy's surely gonna be around to play with him too! :-)

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  1. weee.. I remember my kiddo..but he used to play it with his hands and then make subo. haha..
    active baby you got there! stage mom all the way.. :))



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