Sunday, June 3, 2012

sugpo skewers! perfect for picnics!

here's a very easy picnic grilled food recipe that will surely be a hit! :-) well for one because it's sugpo! (or let's call it prawns to make it a little susyal!)

Here's what you'll need:
1 kilo sugpo or prawns
1 big white onion cut into cubes
10 tomatoes cut into cubes
dried basil leaves
2 lemon
barbecue sticks

1) Clean the prawns and remove the shell. You can remove the head if you want but i prefer to have it in the skewers! :-)
2) Marinate the prawns with lemon juice, dried basil, salt and pepper for about 10-15minutes
3) put the cubed tomatoes, cubed white onion and prawns in the skewers alternately. Now it's ready for the grill! Just turn it from time to time to make sure no one side will get over-grilled. :-) You have to ensure it's properly cooked

it will look this fun once it turns to an orange-y bunch. just don't be too excited, although it's already orange it doesn't mean it's cooked already. be careful also not to overcook.

and oh i forgot.... cook with a smile! and a little camwhoring won't hurt too! :-)


  1. Nagugutom na ako! I agree na you shouldn't be too confident that it's already cooked when it has turned orange, pero I also try not to overcook it. I've failed a few times kasi gusto ko yung texture nya yung hindi pa nagiging parang rubber, and nahihirapan akong iachieve yun. haha!

    1. yeah... i'm having a hard time with that too... sa batch na to mejo merong undercook at overcook hehehe.... my hubby's way better than me pagdating sa perfect grilled sugpo! ;D

  2. sarap naman! i love seafoods :) i wanna try this at home, too!

  3. sarap charm! raaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

    1. yan din yung ginawa natin nung huling punta nyo dito... ang difference lang e etong mga nasa pix e sa pishpond ni papang galing... :D

  4. those skewed prawns looks nice Imma gonna try this :D



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