Sunday, June 17, 2012

to the daddys in my life...

to Pao and my daddyboo!!!
your first Fathers Day hun!!! :-) happy happy!!! you've been a daddyboo for 8months already...and... (o wag hahaba ang hair!)... and so far you're doing really really great... hehehe... i will forever remember your night shift during the first few weeks of pao at home... you took charge of the feeding and nappy cleanup while you let me heal... :-) and still your night duties now, getting up to prepare pao's milk... i love seeing you spend paotime, you two really really make my heart leap with happiness! if only i can capture more of it... i know you'll be the greatest daddyboo for pao... he will surely agree with me... :-) although i have my issues now, but i want you to know that i really appreciate you. :-) mmmmwuah!

to our very patient Papang!

i am very guilty of wasting a lot of time with you... i feel bad for being so spoiled around you since i moved back... you've been really really quiet for as long as i can remember, forever patient to mamang and to all of us.... but during those few moments we get to talk, i know there's so much in you... your apos would really agree with me... i wish i know how i can connect to that you while i have the opportunity... :-) mwuah!

to our kuyapots and uno,chuchay and pao's dada!

you got papang's patience over us... hehehe i'm happy that you proved us wrong, and i'm happy to see you really happy now... i have experienced your caring nature first hand and i would really say chuchay is one lucky sweetheart she got you for a dada! :-) and im happy for uno and pao they got you for a tito dada! :-) can't wait to have everyone in one place! :-) happy dada day kuyapots!

to my dude's daddy!

happy fathers day po!


  1. Aw good thing your daddyboo helped you! Haha anyway belated happy fathers day to them! Nice post! Maraming daddy's! :3

  2. awww, belated happy father's day!
    hope you had a very fruitful father's day time together :)

  3. Awww this is so sweet! :) Admiring your relationship with them. :) Happy dads day :)

  4. wow sweet photos, pansin ko tangos ng ilong ni daddy ah...

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