Thursday, December 29, 2016

revisit of 2016 goals

my yearend activity.... :-) let's see....

just so i won't hate myself at the end of the year for not doing one.... :-) here goes...

1) Family trip to Manila! - because we haven't been in one place at the same time for soooo long, specially now that we have Motmot and Lulu... :-) As of this post we already have it's just a matter of bringing our arses to the airport and fly! see you unoluluchay! :-) - this actually happened!!! a bit stressful but yey!!!! :-) may bonus pang coco martin!!!


2) Surf trip with Cherry - itodo na ang gala dahil wala ng travel ban! :-) let's make this come true dude! i'm targetting July or August... kahit La Union lang game na! :-) - and this happened....twice!!! Mati and Baler!!! but naman! natuloy nga pero di naman nakapagsurf hahaha if hindi super flat dahil off season, super bagyo naman! hahaha maybe we should go to La Union naman, baka matutuloy na dun! hhahaha :-)

3) Tawi-tawi trip - RyeRay are going so i'm seriously considering joining! :-) i know i got my tix.... but i can't believe i chickened out!!! kudos to you too for pushing through and even went a little crazy for going up BudBungao towards sunset and going down after!!! but t'was nice seeing you in my world rayrye! :-)


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