Friday, September 28, 2012

Fiesta Hermosa 2012 (Zamboanga Fiesta Pilar) Activities

Got this list from Ciudad de Zamboanga (Full)'s post. I am highlighting what I have been wanting to experience during this year's FIESTA HERMOSA 2012! (the rest are activities of other organization within the period of the Fiesta... i have not deleted them from my post) hope this helps! 

“Cosechas de Zamboanga”
Trade Fair
September 30- October 14
8AM – 7PM
Plaza Pershing 
 - hope to find something interesting this time... :-)

Lechon Festival
October 1 – October 14
8AM – 7PM
Plaza Pershing

 - this one's new... i wonder, though, how the Muslim in the area would react...

La Isla de Sta. Cruz
October 1-12
7AM,8AM & 9AM
Isla de Sta. Cruz 

 - will there be any activities during these schedule?
October 1, Monday
Astoria Plaza
Grand Astoria Hotel Sucabon 

 - is this a fashion show?

WOW Zamboanga
Cultural Show
October 1-8
Paseo del Mar 

 -hope i could watch even for just a few minutes (dear hubby, please don't be such a grouch and let me have my few min there to shoot for blog's sake hehe)...

JOE, A Filipino Rocksiccal
October 2&3
Tues. & Wednesday
Oct.2- 10AM, 2PM, 5.30PM
Oct. 3 – 10AM,2PM
Zamboanga City Coleseum

 - is this a musical play? i would love to watch the 5.30 show (after work yeba!) but urgh that's a Tuesday nga pala and we have a scheduled meeting... so Zamboanga-produced plays, i will still have to catch you some other time...

30th Chabacano Song Festival
October 5
Friday, 7PM
Garden Orchid Hotel

 - too many late nights away from pao, but this would be an interesting show, considering i don't dig deep chavacano words hehehe... but really, i think this is one of the good part of the festival because this will definitely hightlight what's "us". ;-)

Back to Back show featuring
International known Artist
Rameer Tawasil and New York
Based ZamboangueƱo Enrico
October 6- November 6
Garden Orchid Hotel 

 - this is a one-month exhibit so i suppose i can sneak a visit in one of my "me-time" after my Sat class... :-)

October 7,
Sunday; 8AM-onward
RT Lim Boulevard 

 - im soooo gonna hate myself if i'll miss this year's Regatta again... been a promding Zamboanguena for the past 3years but i keep on missing this activity (trips and the pregnancy were the excuses nyaha!)

October 9
Tuesday, 7PM
Orchid Ballroom, Garden Orchid Hotel
 - this would be a nice show... i want to see beautiful interpretations of Mascota. :-)

October 10
Wednesday, 5PM
RT Lim Boulevard 

 - i don't really want to be part of the activity but i want to shoot... :-) i hope this time they would place more rice than just crackers so it would be prettier in photos... :D

October 11
Thursday, 1PM
JFEM Sports Complex
 - office day, office hours... so i'm giving up all hope of any chance to take photos... 

October 11
Thursday, 1PM
JFEM Sports Complex

October 11
Thursday, 3PM
JFEM Sports Complex

Maga Letrato de Zamboanga
Photo Marathon
October 12
Friday, 9AM-9PM
Ateneo de Zamboanga University
 - is this a photo exhibit or a photowalk? I know the World Wide Photowalk will be on October 13, but I wonder what this one is...

Noel Cabangon
ALL HITS Live! In zamboanga
October 19
Friday, 8PM
Orchid Ballroom
Garden Orchid Hotel
Noel Cabangon
 - i'm a fan!!! and a good artist's concert in Zamboanga is definitely a treat for me... just having my fingers crossed that there will be no office activity on this night... :-) yey hubby's interested to watch too! no need for compromises nyaha! 

Procession, Novena and Mass (October 3-11)
Nuestra Senora La Virgen del Pilar Procession & Mass
6AM – Holy Mass
5PM – Novena Mass
6.30PM – Mass (Fort Pilar Shrine)

Feast Day of Our Lady of the Pillar 
October 12 Friday
4AM – Diana/Holy Rosary at the Shrine
4:40AM – MaƱanita Mass
6AM ;8AM;10AM – Mass
3.30PM – Grand Procession (Cathedral to Shrine)
4:30 – Mass
5:00PM – Pontifical Mass
6.30PM – Mass

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

why do i love being a mom?

do i need to explain pa? hehehe :-) just look at this picture... this was taken when Pao was less than a week old (4 or 5 days i think)...and he had been giving us this "i'm so happy" smile ever since... 

his looks and size may have change one year after but not a day passed without this smile! even during his uneasy nights due to teeth growth and slight diarrhea he still smiles like this... even after mommy went away for 2 days he still gave me this smile...
i had always been trying to be a toughy... trying not to get too attached to any person emotionally just to ensure i have my walls up so i won't get hurt in any way... but this little man right here changed all that. i used to hate feeling emotionally vulnerable but i don't mind that anymore... :-) somebody had taught me how to open up to love, and this boy is teaching me that indeed loving is such a wonderful thing to experience in life and it's ok to feel even the nasty feelings attached to loving. :-)  gulo ba? hehe

being a mommy is one of those things that a woman should have in her "things to experience before i die" list... it's as exciting as traveling to new places and more! :-)

- BC Bloggers Meme September 26,2012 -

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

paotime: july-august 2012

my OCness again... i feel like i can not move on with other stuff i want to blog about until i've covered July-August paotime (yan ang epekto ng ngtatamad-tamaran hehe blog backlog galore). anyways, this is more for personal consumption and for families and friends too... so please bear with me... :D

i find it crazy that it feels like he's a big boy all of a sudden... it makes me happy and proud and sad at the same time... his first birthday's almost here kaya siguro nagsesenti ako... :D

this is a very photo heavy post... :D

from top clockwise:
1) gigil time... actually just say the magic word "strong" and he'll do this (if he's in the mood haha)
2) very aware of the camera already... he does this sometimes when he sees me with the cam pointed at him
3) our singing moments!!! super loooove!
4) and yes, we had lots of blanket tent playtime too! :-)

from top clockwise:
1) tita leila gave him his little guitar already but he still prefers the big one...
2) July-August was the time 4 teeth tried to come out... although he didn't really had a hard time but there were uneasy nights, he preferred to sleep in my arms only... but glad that was over... he has 4 more teeth growing now (his 11th month), but no drama in any form anymore... :-)
3) my crazy boys... and daddy really had to join the pao inside his playpen during one of those blackout nights jam session... :-)
4) the daddy insisted on teaching the pao how to color already... to my horror he initially let him use the color pens in the 4th photo above... lines of different colors were all over the paper and pao's legs and arms and sando... haha!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY: homemade bubbles!!!

i know ready-made bubbles are cheap these days... but nothing beats the fun of preparing the solution first, the trial-and-error part where you try to make the solution work, and the actual play! :-) since we've spend our long weekends in my in-laws my mind had been acting crazy thinking for things to do while there...and just in time i saw some gumamela flowers and the rest... well, here's the rest.... :D
what you'll need:
gumamela flowers
(adding a little shampoo will help!)(we used powder that time but i remember using bareta years ago)water
papaya stalks

Friday, September 14, 2012


my bookworm side had been revived! and i've been so giddy about it for the past days, i miss the high you feel when you read... i stopped reading for almost 6 years because of an incident with an ex-boss before which i allowed to affect me (yeah, loser over here! hehe)... but now that i got the groove back, will definitely not let anything stop me again. 
When reading a book you never know where the journey will take you. (Photo & words from The Book Connections)

...and just because i love to blog and create lists, let me have this little space for the books that i've read, watched the movie version, started but didn't get to finish yet, and those i wish to cover. this will be a dynamic blogpost since i will be updating this list for read books (specially since i can not remember some books iv read already), additions to the list and whatever... :-) 

1) To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee  
2) Little Women - Louisa M Alcott

3) One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
4) A Prayer for Owen Meaney - John Irving
5) The Little Prince - Antoine De Saint-Exupery 
6) Things Fall apart - Chinua Achebe 
7) The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles) - Anne Rice
8) Tale of the Body Thief (Vampire Chronicles) - Anne Rice
9) Memnoch the Devil (Vampire Chronicles) - Anne Rice
10) Servant of the Bones - Anne Rice

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's MRI & Digital Mammo Machines

first day of "ber" season and all of us in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga are excited for the launch of 2 new machines to serve Region 9! :-) these are top of the line... those needing to be scanned with Mammo and MRI need not go to Manila or Cebu! 

(hehe this post sounds like a paid ad but its not... im just excited for the 2 launch in the next 2months! and im excited dahil lumilevel up na ang healthcare services dito sa Zamboanga!)


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