Wednesday, September 19, 2012

paotime: july-august 2012

my OCness again... i feel like i can not move on with other stuff i want to blog about until i've covered July-August paotime (yan ang epekto ng ngtatamad-tamaran hehe blog backlog galore). anyways, this is more for personal consumption and for families and friends too... so please bear with me... :D

i find it crazy that it feels like he's a big boy all of a sudden... it makes me happy and proud and sad at the same time... his first birthday's almost here kaya siguro nagsesenti ako... :D

this is a very photo heavy post... :D

from top clockwise:
1) gigil time... actually just say the magic word "strong" and he'll do this (if he's in the mood haha)
2) very aware of the camera already... he does this sometimes when he sees me with the cam pointed at him
3) our singing moments!!! super loooove!
4) and yes, we had lots of blanket tent playtime too! :-)

from top clockwise:
1) tita leila gave him his little guitar already but he still prefers the big one...
2) July-August was the time 4 teeth tried to come out... although he didn't really had a hard time but there were uneasy nights, he preferred to sleep in my arms only... but glad that was over... he has 4 more teeth growing now (his 11th month), but no drama in any form anymore... :-)
3) my crazy boys... and daddy really had to join the pao inside his playpen during one of those blackout nights jam session... :-)
4) the daddy insisted on teaching the pao how to color already... to my horror he initially let him use the color pens in the 4th photo above... lines of different colors were all over the paper and pao's legs and arms and sando... haha!

from top clockwise:
1) it was during these months that i finally agreed to let the pao ride with us in a motorcycle...kinda scary for the mommy!!! but he enjoyed it... a lot!!!!
2) he's not really into sweets... but the us adults can not resist ice cream! haha we let him play on manong Selecta's cart when he stopped by my in-law's place... he was more excited about the cart than the ice cream... :D
3) we tried playing badminton in my in-laws place... pao wanted to be part of the game, he's not ok with just watching from the sidelines... he goes really berserk during the game because daddy/mommy carried him while playing...
4) and then meeting Mr. Owl... we let him touch but he wanted to grab! poor bird... Mr.Owl already died by the way (but not because of Pao's grabbing hehe)

from top clockwise:
1) bonding time with tita lelang! rare moments he would allow anybody aside from mommy and daddy to carry him when we're at my in-laws.
2) but when he's really in the mood, he's sooo kulit! would really shout endlessly and laugh crazily... :D
3) he loves grocery cart rides... :-)
4) ...and pedicab rides too!!!

from top clockwise:
1) observing daddly-lolo play darts... weeks after he's imitating the hand-arm movement when throwing a pin... :D
2) nabili ng sweets! rare moments he would let daddy-lolo carry him...
3) paos' 10th month is also mommy-lola's birthday!!!
4) cars and motorcycles and all vehicles really fascinate him... :-)
pao's daily routine (from top clockwise):
1) alphabet flash cards and books in the morning and at night... he has to spread them all over the floor too!
2) jumping on the bed with the daddy!!! (although this seldom happens now)
3) walk,walk, walk and more walk!
4) the singing can't be miss too!

first and only time to bond with cousin Gelo! look how proportionate the babies are to the mommies in the first top photo! haha! i love how sweet these photos of the 2 are... if they'll grow up really close im sure they would appreciate these... :-)
from top clockwise:
1) his little guitar... i love to see his little fingers strum and hold the guitar as if he's a pro!
2) first time to run around and chase kids! nice to meet you kuya dwayne and damiel! :-)
3) crazy over grass... he likes the feel of 'em...
4) he prefers to go in circles around whoever's holding him with this moonwalker!

babyboo... you've grown up way too fast... :-( i love how smart and kalog you've turned out but please slow down sweety... mommy's trying to catch up pa lang. you're turning one in less than 3wks but you're acting beyond that age already... let's take things slow babyboo ok? don't worry, we'll let you experience as much of life as you can... :-) loveyousoooooomuch!


  1. normal lang siguro for us moms na magsenti when we see our kids growing up so fast. I get sentimental when I buy my daughter something new, like a pair of shoes, or clothes maybe. I always tell her, 'hindi na baby ang baby ko', then she'd ask me kung bakit daw ako nalulungkot. haha. parang there's never enough time for us to keep them within our grasp. haai. they grow up so fast talaga.

    btw, it's really cute that your hubby joined your baby in the playpen. :)))

  2. I showed your pictures to my son, an 18-month old, and he keeps on telling "hi, baby". heheh...thank you for sharing!

  3. Ang galing naman ng collection mo Sis. I have boys of my own and at times I want them to grow up agad para easy for me to move around but then seriously speaking, the thought of them growing up is really scary. Am always looking back at the times when me and their daddy are the only people in the world kaso now mas excited na sila makita classmates nila, waaah!

  4. i had a niece, who is just a year old, loves to ride a motorcycle. She even knows the sound of her father cycle.
    Advanced happy birthday to your son! Mukhang makulit na siya.

  5. Why do our kids grow up so fast? I wish I can wish to let them stay as cute as they are now but that would be unlikely coz that means I'm being selfish for them to experience the goodness of life. So, I guess it's only better for us to enjoy them for now. :-)

  6. cute! enjoy the youthful days of your child! They grow up so fast! :)

  7. I can relate with you as I also see my baby growing too fast. It makes me both happy and sentimental. That is why I want to be there every stage of her growing up. Kudos to you mama! doing a good job!

  8. Kakatuwa talga kapag lumalaki na ang bata..makulit pero nakaka-releive ng stress...
    Cute naman, pati si daddy kasama ni baby sa crib. hehehe
    -daddy allan (visit from BCB)

  9. What's your birthday plan for him pala Charm?
    yung baby ko mahilig din sumakay sa grocery cart!

  10. time flies so fast sis. parang kailan lang at mag one na rin si baby mo.. :)

  11. Your boy is growing very fast! It's nice that you are able to cover most of his milestones. That's kind of cute! Visiting from BB.

  12. cute naman ng baby mo sis, buti kapa may jewel na.. hehe.. so cute.. as sis Jan, says time flies too fast indeed! Soon may binata kana.

  13. I like the first picture, nakakagigil..enjoy your baby while he is young..

  14. Hi, Marie here ( Baguio city (promdi rin, hihi), getting acquainted with the BC Bloggers. I can relate. I am also an accountant, and writer at night, and all-around helper anytime. O, di ba, master of all trades :)

  15. Wow, your baby will soon become a toddler.. Prepare yourself and... enjoy!!!! Cherish every moment with your baby, you'll be surprise one day he'll be opting to be on his own. :)

  16. Happy 1st Birthday! Babies grow up so fast that time seems to always be on fast-forward with them. Oh, and those pen marks on the legs and hands - well, wait a few more months and they'll be on the walls and floors also. LOL!

  17. Cute baby. My baby is turning 1 this November. Yay, they grow up so fast!

  18. Time flies so fast right. Ganyan din ako with my son. Now he is two na and can almost do everything on his own. But he is a mommy's boy pa din.

  19. dami ngang pics haha, but love viewing...i just thought its pleasurable to have a baby in the house, the family looks so happy...

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  21. hahahaha! Same tayo! I also go inside the crib of my toddler! :)

  22. HI Dear!
    I've passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you, because you deserve it. Details on my blog: http(colon)//bit(dot)ly/V3QPOf Thanks!


  23. cuuuuutttttttteeeeeeee! grabe nakakatuwa naman tawag mo sa mga lolot lolat, mommy lola and daddy lolo.. and super cute nia mag STRONG! :p hehehe
    your babe reminds me of my nephew who loves cars... kahit all day niang panoorin cars 1 and 2, oks lang :P



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