Wednesday, December 16, 2015

how'd i do with my 2015 goal list?

here's a revisit to my 2015 goal list...

im not sure why im not as excited as last year when preparing this now.... but i dont want to hate myself at the end of the year for not having documented some targets (im OC like that pero tinotopak lang ngayon).... anyways, let's try some 15 for 2015:

  1. big school for paolo! - he's more than 3 now, and i think it's about time we start real school this year....   ----- we've started Nursery already!!! and he'd adjusted pretty well... even topping the class after their first set of exams! 
  2. play school for mateo - im not sure if il be able to find one around August-November... but let me keep my fingers crossed... im assuming he'll be talking like crazy by that time, and since kuya is already at school he might also be interested...  ------ was classmate with the kuyapot during summer playschool in ICAS de Mercedes.... he sure had fun considering he was less than 2 that time. We decided however that he'll rest at home this schoolyear, he's not prepared to start actual school yet, natutulog pa sa class! haha
  3. revive my boy's shoot and monthly family shoot - i wanted that glamored-taken-by-a pro kind of family shoot last year... but then, thinking about the cost (which i can just use to buy more stocks!!! hehe) and how orchestrated that will be, i just think coming up with a monthly or at least a quarterly kind of family shoot where we're all dressed up would be nice.... i just need to train our ate jean (pao's yaya). I also want to revive my boy's regular monthly shoot before, but need to change some things, need them not on the bed anymore! hehe and oh i might be able to proceed with the one where they wear their dad's polo during our wedding... :-)   ------- we started shooting with the boys again last November... so i hope that counts as a good point for this goal... :-) but no regular family pic still....


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