Saturday, March 31, 2012

Final update on my 90day challenge

nothing really big to update... i am just putting an end to my Jan-Mar 90day challenge.... 


i will be starting a new one!!! for April-June that is...haha!

anyways, here is a recap of what i achieved after all the project meltdown during the 2nd and 3rd months... still not bad right??? (just trying to convince myself here actually hehe)

well, let's keep the positive point of view in everything shall we? 
  • 14lbs is still 14lbs! that's more than 6kilos! (isang paopao na!!)
  • 4.5" and 6" off the waist and hips gave me another chance to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again!!!

i did not take a last photo because there's no difference anyway... but will do for the start of my new 90days (hehe i'm a cheater that way hehehe)


also, i will be blogging less here in Chamimay on Flats... will be blogging almost all the time in Promding Chamimay... so anybody following here but not in Promding Chamimay I hope you could follow me there too... :-)

thanks so much!!! :-)

little dude's first beach trip

his phlegm's back... although we're giving him some meds, we just thought of trying one of the oldies' beliefs about cough and the seawater.... so finally, we were able to bring the little dude out! :-) at first he was the usual scaredy-cat when we rode Lolo's hummer... then eventually he was loving the moving view. :-)

little dude loved the new environment instantly, he was asleep when we arrived but when he woke up he was very giddy... 

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Friday, March 30, 2012

struggling to run again

our activities (at work and the lakwatsas) really slowed down our running momentum... we've been running like crazy back in January (and yes iv lost 10lbs from that), then everything was a struggle in Feb and March... April will still be a difficult month i think to go back... we have a big project again which will start on the 1st working day of April... so i guess that would mean staying late at work and the running will just be on days we can sneak out early... :D

anyways, here's some photos from our most recent after-work-run... we tried Pasonanca this time...actually my runmates already tried this route 2-3x already but this was my first... we were there during Pasonanca's scheduled blackout so t'was kinda dark... we just run close to each other ensuring nobody's gonna be a victim of anything bad along the way... t'was a more challenging short route with more uphills (compared to the plain oval in hello bigger calves!!!)... got all sweaty already after the first round... we decided to spend the rest of the time inside the Butterfly garden because we were worried of everyone's security outside... 

my 90-day challenge will just remain that...a challenge... hehe im not gonna hit the 30lbs goal i set for myself by March31 (which is tomorrow already by the way). so i suppose im starting another 90-day? like April01-June29 challenge? but this time target will just be 20lbs. hehe im a big cheat really! :D

Sunday, March 18, 2012

my new hairstyle: Cybersport

well... that's the name the hairstylist told me... he'll transform my long lifeless hair into this cybersport of a hairstyle... i was intrigued so i gave him a go... :-)

i just relied on his stories about the hair during the cutting but googled it once i had my hands on my lappy... my hair's supposed to look something like this hehehe... minus the coloring (i dont want to color or treat my hair in any way, i wanna keep it virgin for as long as i can hehehe)

so here's how it looks on me.... nyaha! major fail ba? :-) at least fierce looking pa rin! bwaha! i can't seem to reconcile my hair now with the should be cybersport style...hehehe but anyways i know shorter hair suits me waaaaay better than long hair... i actually want to have it cut (almost pixie hair short), but i'll let this Cybersport thingy stay for a few months then i might have another chopping session. :-)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

zambo foodtrip: satti at Andy's!

despite growing up in Zamboanga City, i had my first satti when i was already in college (that would mean i was in Manila most of the time already). In one of those Golf beach trips during sembreaks, our friend's food share was Satti... that was my first if i remember it right...and ever since i'm hooked! :-)

We just have it occasionally, but everytime i have friends visit here i make sure they get to taste it... :-) we would usually buy our Satti in Pilar Street (forgot the store's name! urgh! but im pretty sure you will never miss it, it's the one with sooo many customers hehehe).

but lately, my trip buddies told me about this Satti place in Tetuan - Andy's Special Satti. I was told that the place is cleaner looking (hehe) and is actually flocked by customers. They went there after a run last year (which i missed because i was so pregnant).... so after our first fun run this year, i'm glad we're keeping the satti-for-breakfast-after-the-run tradition and went there... indeed the place is crowded, more like most people from the run were thinking the same have Satti at Andy's!

Andy's Special Satti is located along Crispin Atilano St., Brgy. Tetuan, Zamboanga City

it's really the sauce that makes the whole dish mouth-watering hehehe... well that is you're into spicy tastes... :-)

for first timers - here's the component of Satti:
 - spicy sauce (i think there's asapran somewhere)
 - cubed rice (rice cooked inside folded coconut leaves then cut into cubes)
 - for the meat part it's usually small bits of grilled beaf or chicken (this is a Muslim food so definitely no pork)
here's the store's sign so you won't miss it. :-)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

run challege: Sta Maria to Abong-Abong

we've been spending our after work hours running around the oval of zamboanga city's grandstand since January... we even run 5k during the Philhealth run but realized in the end that we can do more than 5k... then one of us joined the Vinta run (an ultra run) from Garden Orchid Hotel to Brgy.Lanote... he finished the 25k and so we are now all challenged to run a full marathon or at least half of it.... a 21k.... while we're in this mode, we decided to do mini-runs to prepare us to accept a bigger run later... 

and here's the first dare:

 Sta Maria Church to Cruz Mayor of Abong-Abong and back
(approximately 14k with uphills and downhills)

Time Target:
finish in 2hours
that barely visible white cross somewhere on that mountain is our goal... this photo was taken almost close to the base of that mountain already.....
9 signed up for this challenge... all bright smiles at the jumpoff... :-)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

snippity snappity snip snap!

i just couldn't take my hair anymore.... :-) can no longer wait for the 130lbs before chopping it off as promised... that's still some 17lbs away! hehehehe talk about low EQ and that's me lately!!! 

no decent shot of the new hair yet... just this quick shot before that hair growing for more than a year was gone in a snap!

Friday, March 9, 2012

blog dilemma

some days ago my blog issue was this: how to differentiate Promding Chamimay from Chamimay on Flats....

well I created Chamimay on Flats for that "suntok sa buwan" attempt of doing a Fashion blog... if you know me well you really wouldn't expect a fashion blog from me... but i just gave it a try because it seems fun and i just thought maybe that would help me get excited about dressing up... but now im having second thoughts about sustaining it... parang i dont have the guts anymore hehehe...... and then Promding Chamimay... i created this blog to document my travels, then i started blogging here clothes i wear, recipe experiments, random thoughts, family stuff... then it dawned on me that Promding Chamimay seems to be a little of everything... i wanted it to have one strong identity pero right now naiisip ko what for.... its no longer fun to blog with rules... i basically blog because i needed an outlet for my thoughts... 

i still wasn't able to resolve that dilemma... and now im faced with another one... i wanted to mommy blog too (well in my chopseuy of a blog: Promding Chamimay)... but i guess i have to murder that idea even before it gets any form... and the thought process for that really broke my heart for several days... to the point of having thoughts already of doing an online suicide (deleting all my accounts, from blogger to facebook)....and then it hit me, i can do mommy stuff without sharing it to the world,i will have a secret place for me and my baby... just the two of us. :-) i'm glad this one's resolved... so i'm back to Promding Chamimay and Chamimay on Flats again.... :D

For now i guess i have to continue Chamimay on Flats with my pagpapayat updates, who knows i might get the drive to do silly outfit posts again and actually have fun while doing it... and then every other topics other than that will have to end up with Promding Chamimay (except mommy-pao stuff)... 

that resolved... i'm a bit at peace again.... back to regular programming... :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finally!!! Merloquet Waterfalls!

after 2 years of wishing and 1 failed attempt last year... finally!!! all the delays are soooooo worth it. that day was just simply perfect for us to experience this pretty hidden  somewhere almost at the edge of zamboanga city... 

Merloquet're just too beautiful beyond words! i hope im just exaggerating, but tell you what she's a pretty in the photos but more jaw-dropping in real life... and to actually be there and play with the falls... aaaah! orgasms! hehehe :-)

a little info: Merloquet falls is in Barangay Sibulao, some 78kilometers east of the city. 

she looks small, but place a person with her and you'll see her grandness....

you can never resist.... you will definitely indulge! looooove!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

jog highligts (Jan30-Feb29)

eto ata ang last jog ni joel... hehehe sayang ang effort mo dude!!! kelangang ituloy!

pao's 4th month photos

the month na marami ng playtime!!! :-) it's easier to carry him around dahil kayang kaya na nya ang ulo nya... he loves the regular walks sa garden...actually prefers that over any activity... :-) that curious look is all over his face always... kaya suuuper love! hehehe

Friday, March 2, 2012

pao's 3rd month photos (Dec09,2011-Jan09,2012)

this is also my first month back at work... xmas parties and all the craziness of yearend... didn't notice that i was barely taking photos of my little man... and he's growing up waaaay too fast! all of a sudden, the yaya was holding him this way, he can hold his head up on his own already... and he's always sporting that pilyo smile always... urgh! i hate missing a lot of the details of the 3rd month... :-(

Thursday, March 1, 2012

day60 update: 13lbs lang...

i've only lost 3lbs in February, waaaay behind my 10lb target...

....and that's because my February is ONE MAJOR CHEAT MONTH!!!! barely jogged, ate a lot (may rice pa!).... well 3lbs is still better than nothing at all or worse gain back a few lbs... hehehe excuses!!!

...and that leaves me with 22lbs to lose this March to reach my 35lbs in 90days challenge... kaya to!!! mindpower!!!! :-)

pao's 2nd month photos (Nov09-Dec09,2011)

this was the month we finally got him a yaya... because this was the month i went back to work... :-( 

he was already full of personality at this time... beginning to love bath time, was talking a lot of times, very much aware of the camera already... and pretty much asleep most of the time... :-) 

kahit na marami pa ring sleepless nights at this time namimiss ko na tong time na to... ambilis! this period was gone in a snap! so take more photos for the next ones!!! :-)


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