Friday, March 30, 2012

struggling to run again

our activities (at work and the lakwatsas) really slowed down our running momentum... we've been running like crazy back in January (and yes iv lost 10lbs from that), then everything was a struggle in Feb and March... April will still be a difficult month i think to go back... we have a big project again which will start on the 1st working day of April... so i guess that would mean staying late at work and the running will just be on days we can sneak out early... :D

anyways, here's some photos from our most recent after-work-run... we tried Pasonanca this time...actually my runmates already tried this route 2-3x already but this was my first... we were there during Pasonanca's scheduled blackout so t'was kinda dark... we just run close to each other ensuring nobody's gonna be a victim of anything bad along the way... t'was a more challenging short route with more uphills (compared to the plain oval in hello bigger calves!!!)... got all sweaty already after the first round... we decided to spend the rest of the time inside the Butterfly garden because we were worried of everyone's security outside... 

my 90-day challenge will just remain that...a challenge... hehe im not gonna hit the 30lbs goal i set for myself by March31 (which is tomorrow already by the way). so i suppose im starting another 90-day? like April01-June29 challenge? but this time target will just be 20lbs. hehe im a big cheat really! :D


  1. Wow this is cool! Hope you lose your target weight :)



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