Saturday, March 17, 2012

zambo foodtrip: satti at Andy's!

despite growing up in Zamboanga City, i had my first satti when i was already in college (that would mean i was in Manila most of the time already). In one of those Golf beach trips during sembreaks, our friend's food share was Satti... that was my first if i remember it right...and ever since i'm hooked! :-)

We just have it occasionally, but everytime i have friends visit here i make sure they get to taste it... :-) we would usually buy our Satti in Pilar Street (forgot the store's name! urgh! but im pretty sure you will never miss it, it's the one with sooo many customers hehehe).

but lately, my trip buddies told me about this Satti place in Tetuan - Andy's Special Satti. I was told that the place is cleaner looking (hehe) and is actually flocked by customers. They went there after a run last year (which i missed because i was so pregnant).... so after our first fun run this year, i'm glad we're keeping the satti-for-breakfast-after-the-run tradition and went there... indeed the place is crowded, more like most people from the run were thinking the same have Satti at Andy's!

Andy's Special Satti is located along Crispin Atilano St., Brgy. Tetuan, Zamboanga City

it's really the sauce that makes the whole dish mouth-watering hehehe... well that is you're into spicy tastes... :-)

for first timers - here's the component of Satti:
 - spicy sauce (i think there's asapran somewhere)
 - cubed rice (rice cooked inside folded coconut leaves then cut into cubes)
 - for the meat part it's usually small bits of grilled beaf or chicken (this is a Muslim food so definitely no pork)
here's the store's sign so you won't miss it. :-)

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price list....

eating with a bunch of wackos who just finished a 5k run is... well the usual, noisy! :-)

Andy's Special Satti
Crispin Atilano St, Tetuan
Zamboanga City
February 4,2012


  1. Omg I heard about that place na before but I didn't try it yet kasi I didn't know where it was...I looked out my window to compare the satti place beside our house with your pictures. It's a match!
    Lol grabe I can't believe it's just beside my house lang pala. Thank you so much! :))

  2. i will totally try Andy's out! i love satti!! :)) thanks for sharing cham! yey!

  3. @anjifire: hahaha natawa naman ako sa comment mo! tama ba yung street na nilagay ko? hehehe nakalimutan ko kasi sinabi ng hubby ko kaya i googled it and that's where i got the street nyaha sana tama... :-)

    @kai: its a cleaner place to have satti... funny lang nung time na pumunta kami di siguro nila naanticipate ang biglang dagsa ng tao kaya totally lost si manong sa amin.. haha pero it's a nice place to have satti. :-)

  4. i haven't been home for three months now and i'll be home next month. i hope to visit this place! :)
    i love satti. i miss it everytime wala ako sa zc :)
    followed you through GFC, btw =)

  5. i tried their satti last month. nyc place there ^_^

  6. I've heard great reviews from people who already ate at Andy's. The satti must be something special...

  7. Curious about that Satti!

    Followed you through GFC
    Pls follow mine, too!




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