Saturday, March 31, 2012

little dude's first beach trip

his phlegm's back... although we're giving him some meds, we just thought of trying one of the oldies' beliefs about cough and the seawater.... so finally, we were able to bring the little dude out! :-) at first he was the usual scaredy-cat when we rode Lolo's hummer... then eventually he was loving the moving view. :-)

little dude loved the new environment instantly, he was asleep when we arrived but when he woke up he was very giddy... 

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but when it was time for him to try the water, at first dip of his chubby toes he almost cried.... hehe probably water was too cold for him, he's used to his lukewarm bath everyday. we tried to calm him with sprinkling water on his feet but he was still hesitant... even the feel of the sand annoyed him... hehehe 

but daddy was very persistent and really tried to give him a quick dip before we head home... he got a split second underwater... kawawang baby... but our little dude's a toughy. he didn't cry after... and after changing back to dry comfy clothes, was in his playful mode again. :-)

we wanted some quiet and clean beach... the usual pure sand is really far from the city. we decided to head to La Vista del Mar instead. I did not expect I would appreciate the place in its early morning form... it was very calm and peaceful and just plain chillax. It was kinda expensive though, for our short trip. Entrance is at Php40 each and we got a small cottage for Php200 which we used for less than an hour only... 

but still, i love the calm feel of the early morning La Vista... will definitely go back for another of this... and probably stay a bit longer and leave only when sun's up and the place gets crowded already.

Vista del Mar
Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City
March 2012


  1. we used to go there too for an early morning swim :D gnda tlga ng ambience very peaceful ^_^

    1. yeah... i didn't wanna go yet pero dami pa kasing weekend chores kaya umalis na... pero it was really relaxing...wala pa masyadong dumadating when we left... chillax mode pa rin... :-)

  2. Goa lets you unwind in a unique way. If you wish to have Mr Sanchos Cozumel some time on your own, beach bumming is your best bet.



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