Friday, March 9, 2012

blog dilemma

some days ago my blog issue was this: how to differentiate Promding Chamimay from Chamimay on Flats....

well I created Chamimay on Flats for that "suntok sa buwan" attempt of doing a Fashion blog... if you know me well you really wouldn't expect a fashion blog from me... but i just gave it a try because it seems fun and i just thought maybe that would help me get excited about dressing up... but now im having second thoughts about sustaining it... parang i dont have the guts anymore hehehe...... and then Promding Chamimay... i created this blog to document my travels, then i started blogging here clothes i wear, recipe experiments, random thoughts, family stuff... then it dawned on me that Promding Chamimay seems to be a little of everything... i wanted it to have one strong identity pero right now naiisip ko what for.... its no longer fun to blog with rules... i basically blog because i needed an outlet for my thoughts... 

i still wasn't able to resolve that dilemma... and now im faced with another one... i wanted to mommy blog too (well in my chopseuy of a blog: Promding Chamimay)... but i guess i have to murder that idea even before it gets any form... and the thought process for that really broke my heart for several days... to the point of having thoughts already of doing an online suicide (deleting all my accounts, from blogger to facebook)....and then it hit me, i can do mommy stuff without sharing it to the world,i will have a secret place for me and my baby... just the two of us. :-) i'm glad this one's resolved... so i'm back to Promding Chamimay and Chamimay on Flats again.... :D

For now i guess i have to continue Chamimay on Flats with my pagpapayat updates, who knows i might get the drive to do silly outfit posts again and actually have fun while doing it... and then every other topics other than that will have to end up with Promding Chamimay (except mommy-pao stuff)... 

that resolved... i'm a bit at peace again.... back to regular programming... :-)


  1. I can't imagine going through a problem like yours. :| BUT if you still think you can accommodate a few more things about yourself here, then don't stop yourself. I have another blog friend, Peach, and I think you might want to read her blog because apart from running a food blog, she also has blogs about being a mom and a traveler. She regularly updates most of it. :D

    1. it's not really big naman... pero nakakaloka lang pag eto lang iisipin ko hehehe

      okie... will try to check her out too... does she keep it all in one blog? :-)



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