Tuesday, March 13, 2012

run challege: Sta Maria to Abong-Abong

we've been spending our after work hours running around the oval of zamboanga city's grandstand since January... we even run 5k during the Philhealth run but realized in the end that we can do more than 5k... then one of us joined the Vinta run (an ultra run) from Garden Orchid Hotel to Brgy.Lanote... he finished the 25k and so we are now all challenged to run a full marathon or at least half of it.... a 21k.... while we're in this mode, we decided to do mini-runs to prepare us to accept a bigger run later... 

and here's the first dare:

 Sta Maria Church to Cruz Mayor of Abong-Abong and back
(approximately 14k with uphills and downhills)

Time Target:
finish in 2hours
that barely visible white cross somewhere on that mountain is our goal... this photo was taken almost close to the base of that mountain already.....
9 signed up for this challenge... all bright smiles at the jumpoff... :-)

Click "Read more" after the jump....

this part was our first uphill....somewhere near the Astoria Regency.
i like how the scenery changed from the early morning city streets to that early morning in a farm feel... complete with the cows (including the smell of the fresh grass and the smell of cow dung! hehe)
we rested here a bit... we were still having high hopes that those who lagged behind us will still catch up and come with us reach the Cruz Mayor... but they failed us... 
almost there... so near yet so far....
this part of Zamboanga actually have the 14stations along the path going towards the cross.... Catholics flock this place during holy week.

time check:
Jumpoff to Water Treatment Area: 30min
Water treatment to Helmet: 15min
Helmet to cross: 20min

1hr 5min in going up....
survivors! finishers! whatever you wanna call it... we did it and baaacckk!! :-)
and here's the rest of the gang.... those we just picked along on our way back to base...

final assessment: completed the whole run in 2hrs no5 nad eh? 27min... :-)

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  1. With all the slopes and the sheer distance, that sure looks like a challenging route to run - or even walk for that matter. Well, at least there's a lot of trees along the way. I find it much better and more relaxing to go jogging or walking in places so close to nature.



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