Sunday, March 18, 2012

my new hairstyle: Cybersport

well... that's the name the hairstylist told me... he'll transform my long lifeless hair into this cybersport of a hairstyle... i was intrigued so i gave him a go... :-)

i just relied on his stories about the hair during the cutting but googled it once i had my hands on my lappy... my hair's supposed to look something like this hehehe... minus the coloring (i dont want to color or treat my hair in any way, i wanna keep it virgin for as long as i can hehehe)

so here's how it looks on me.... nyaha! major fail ba? :-) at least fierce looking pa rin! bwaha! i can't seem to reconcile my hair now with the should be cybersport style...hehehe but anyways i know shorter hair suits me waaaaay better than long hair... i actually want to have it cut (almost pixie hair short), but i'll let this Cybersport thingy stay for a few months then i might have another chopping session. :-)

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