Saturday, January 28, 2012

CMZ blast: remembering the selfless acts

this is to remember not the accident.... but the selfless act of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's staff... that spontaneous, with urgency but without panic act of bringing all the patients out to safety... 

i'm sure it had been an unforgettable nightmare for anyone who was there when the 4 blasts happened... it's like being in the middle of gory news you only get to watch... but it also felt like you're in the middle of that scene that gives you that overwhelming feeling, the kind that warms your heart because everyone was helping everyone.... 

wala lang... i will surely remember January 28 always with a smile and with pride... :-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

happy birthday mangkuletski!!!

laway kisses from paopao :D

just realized i wasn't taking photos of mamang with pao or papang with pao... wala tuloy akong magamit halos.... so starting tomorrow, prepare! haha :-)

3rd week...7lbs after!!!

kita na ba ang difference??? ambizyon! haha 7lbs pa rin yun kaya kinikilig ako to the max!!! 

6 more days for January and i still need 3lbs para ma-achieve ang 10lb/month goal.... kaya tooo!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

pao's first fishpond trip

first fishpond trip and first lakwatsa in general!!! he was very observing the entire walk.... pero naman! ambigat!!! hehehehe he's more than 6kilos the fresh air nung nasa kubo na kami, he's game for some camwhoring tuloy. :D this is my little dude's initiation sa mundo ng paglalakwatsa! :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

zumba... not!

we've tried our best... pero indoor exercise is not just for us.... hihihhi!!! 

jog mode pa rin!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

my loves! my happy pills!!!

last time i did a post with this title we only have uno and chuchay... now i have pao, my own little addition to the gang!!! hehehe :-) 

guess who's who!!! :D
ate chuchay @ 4months & 3days old (Sept2009)
pao @ 2months & 23days old (Jan2012)
kuya uno @ 4months & 1 day old (March2010)

notice the similarities??? suuuuuper looooove!!! :-) i love how smart these kiddos are, and how pilyo at pilya in looks and in their tricks. :-) we have more than enough supply of happy pills here! :-)

Monday, January 16, 2012

yey for 4lbs!!!

finally!!! masasabi ko na talangang i've lost 4lbs!!! my weighing scale seemed to be undecided for the past days... hehehe but now it constantly gives me 4-5lbs off! hehehe i've also tried to weigh in from the scale where i get my preggy weight monthly and then from another scale... and they're all consistent! 

and wait.. there's more! uulitin ko i dropped 4lbs... and i also lost 2inches off the belly button part (mali atang eto ang mineasure ko for the waist) and 4inches off the hip part!!!

i can scream my heart out now... right??? right??? hehehe but still looooong way to go! i'm supposed to lose 10-12lbs/month until March 31... still keeping my fingers crossed and my sense of discipline... i hope i won't lose it.... :-) 45days to go!!! 

you bet it was 4lbs!!!

using somebody else's jersey hehe mejo tight pa yung akin... :D cguro by Feb i can wear it na without looking like suman. :D

Sunday, January 15, 2012

my "more fun in the Philippines" memes!!!

i excitedly waited for the launch of the new campaign... and indeed was not disappointed when i first saw the first few photos and the website.... that was friday morning, and then over the weekend hundreds of memes came out... i was really itching to do mine too but to be honest i was taken aback by the "Switzerland" issue... but then the memes kept on coming and i am convinced, this is one good campaign, i'll jump in too! good thing my friend Kevin helped me download the font.... and i was able to create 22!!!

here's some of the photos... the rest are posted in my Facebook.
Patalon, Zamboanga City

San Juanico Bridge, Leyte

Sunset Boulevard, Dapitan

Sta Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

Caliraya, Quezon

Maira-ira Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Sabang Port, Camarines Sur

try doing your own memes too!!! i'm sure we all have at least one super fun trip around the Philippines!!! :-) here's an easy how-to:

1) Download the Harabara font and make sure it's saved in your Fonts folder. here's where I got mine: Harabara Font Download
2) I've used Picasa because it's very user friendly, unless you prefer other editing software, go ahead!!! have fun! :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

my "pampapayat" tools!!!

the challenge: lose 35lbs and 12inches (worth of waist) in only 90days!!! 

was able to do something like this back in 2008... but that was just losing my baby fat (plus the fat from all the sitting at work, starbucks fraps, and coke with flat tops merienda!)... this time i guess it'll be harder... well that's what most people say, its more difficult to lose pregnancy accumulated fats... i hope it won't be that stubborn for me... :-)

start date: January 2, 2012
end date: March 31, 2012

beginning lbs: 160
target lbs: 125 (haha! ambizyon to the max na!)

beginning waist: 39.5"
target waist: 27.5" (isa pang ambizyon! hahaha!)

beginning hips: 44"
target hips: 36"

the plan: increase output, decrease input!!! (i.e. consume less than 2000calories/day and cardio (jog!) 4x a week)

my only fave cardio: jog and walk!!! i've considered going to the gym but an enclosed space really is not for me... and iv lost 30lbs back in 2008 because of this, and some more instances before before... so since im sure that this will work for me, i will definitely be sticking with it now... less cost, more fresh air(and people watching)... total workout!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tacloban Resto Review: SUNZIBAR!!!

(post is still part of my 2010 Tacloban trip series with ezra... now na lang tatapusin, at least tatapusin! hehe)

4th resto that we get to visit that's on our Tacloban foodie adventure list. We initially planned to have our breakfast here but we can't seem to find it and only to find out it opens around 10am once we did (that's why we end up with Dream cafe for day1 breakfast)... we decided to have our lunch here after visiting Sto Nino shrine. (our Tacloban trip seems to gear towards a food trip anyways, so no missing of possible nice restos!).

it's a mexican-inspired resto... we loved it to bits... from the ambiance to the food! the effort to look for it and the effort to go back are all worth it! :-)

i love the mexican paintings, the rustic floor and tables and chairs! cuteness!!!

i wasn't really jumping up and down about their burritos (Mexicali still has my heart when it comes to burritos, nachos and quesadillas!), but they're good enough!

sunzibar..... looooove!

here's my tacloban trip buddy ezra's blogpost on Sunzibar (menu included).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

old school library @ People's Place (Tacloban City)

finally, i'll be able to continue my Tacloban series....


we were on this part of Tacloban where our intention was to see the Sto Nino Shrine... and to our delight, we discoverd Kyle's and then this... we asked around and they told us this place is called The People's Center and Library. It's just beside the Sto Nino Shrine.

it's a function hall on the ground floor and really old school library on the 2nd floor.... i fell in love instantly on the library part... i mean i still experienced that time where internet was still not very accessible and the UP Main Library is such a big go to place for my nerdy requirements hehehehe... and it had been my refuge, comforting me despite cramming to prepare for an exam....i simply love the feel of this kind of place...

the place is peppered with dioramas (looks like Imelda Marcos is sooo into dioramas)... theme of the dioramas in this part of Leyte depicts giving birth traditions of various tribes in the Philippines...

interesting place. :-)  it wouldn't hurt if you can take a peep in this place if you happen to be in Tacloban.

jog mode's back!!!

somebody's really excited.... :-) cant wait for 3months to be over!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

papayat day#01 fail!

January 2's supposed to be the start of my 3month papayat program... well i started with the meal supplement already in the morning, had mami only for lunch (and well, ok a few lasagna from mam nadie! hehehe) but failed to stop myself from binging during dinner... so much for first days haha! it was my highschool girlfriends' get together so i gave in... :D

but guess what! day2's a good progress... :D i guess i had less than 1500calories worth of food... yipee!!! the hardest part, which is to start, had been conquered!!! double yipee!!! now i just need to get my ass moving... am having my fingers crossed, hope the planned jog with hubby tomorrow will push thru!

my day1 "before pic"!
weight: 160lbs
waistline: 39.5" 

hips: 44"
(yes i have to include waistline and hips trim in my target as well!)


some photos from the TG's get together and meeting ela's...ela's! hehehe

top: from mamang
skirt: thrifted
shoes: thrifted

Sunday, January 1, 2012

still stuck with preggy clothes

three months post-partum and im still 30lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight... i vowed not to buy new clothes at my current size... i self-imposed a shopping ban for clothes (yep clothes only, i can still get myself new shoes!!! *grins**) and a no haircut policy until im back at 130lbs... :D goodluck! so im stuck with whatever's in my closet that would fit me now... and that would mean preggy clothes! raaaahhh!!! 

although i was able to do the trim-off before, down from 163lbs to 130lbs in 3months back in 2008, but i guess that kind of fat is easier to lose than a pregnancy-accumulated one... hehehe my day 1 will really really start tomorrow.... expect my next posts to be related to my weight-loss effort in the next days. wish me luck!!! :D

shirt: gift from duday
jumper: thrifted
bag: gift from mom-in-law
shoes: bought from denise katipunera


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