Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tacloban Resto Review: SUNZIBAR!!!

(post is still part of my 2010 Tacloban trip series with ezra... now na lang tatapusin, at least tatapusin! hehe)

4th resto that we get to visit that's on our Tacloban foodie adventure list. We initially planned to have our breakfast here but we can't seem to find it and only to find out it opens around 10am once we did (that's why we end up with Dream cafe for day1 breakfast)... we decided to have our lunch here after visiting Sto Nino shrine. (our Tacloban trip seems to gear towards a food trip anyways, so no missing of possible nice restos!).

it's a mexican-inspired resto... we loved it to bits... from the ambiance to the food! the effort to look for it and the effort to go back are all worth it! :-)

i love the mexican paintings, the rustic floor and tables and chairs! cuteness!!!

i wasn't really jumping up and down about their burritos (Mexicali still has my heart when it comes to burritos, nachos and quesadillas!), but they're good enough!

sunzibar..... looooove!

here's my tacloban trip buddy ezra's blogpost on Sunzibar (menu included).

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  1. Very delicious-looking dishes you got there. I guess I'm adding Tacloban to the places in the Philippines I have to go to when I visit.



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