Friday, January 20, 2012

my loves! my happy pills!!!

last time i did a post with this title we only have uno and chuchay... now i have pao, my own little addition to the gang!!! hehehe :-) 

guess who's who!!! :D
ate chuchay @ 4months & 3days old (Sept2009)
pao @ 2months & 23days old (Jan2012)
kuya uno @ 4months & 1 day old (March2010)

notice the similarities??? suuuuuper looooove!!! :-) i love how smart these kiddos are, and how pilyo at pilya in looks and in their tricks. :-) we have more than enough supply of happy pills here! :-)

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  1. So adorable! It really feels great traveling with your family, I & my 23 months old son started traveling first in northern Luzon, it's fun!!!



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