Sunday, January 1, 2012

still stuck with preggy clothes

three months post-partum and im still 30lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight... i vowed not to buy new clothes at my current size... i self-imposed a shopping ban for clothes (yep clothes only, i can still get myself new shoes!!! *grins**) and a no haircut policy until im back at 130lbs... :D goodluck! so im stuck with whatever's in my closet that would fit me now... and that would mean preggy clothes! raaaahhh!!! 

although i was able to do the trim-off before, down from 163lbs to 130lbs in 3months back in 2008, but i guess that kind of fat is easier to lose than a pregnancy-accumulated one... hehehe my day 1 will really really start tomorrow.... expect my next posts to be related to my weight-loss effort in the next days. wish me luck!!! :D

shirt: gift from duday
jumper: thrifted
bag: gift from mom-in-law
shoes: bought from denise katipunera

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