Friday, December 28, 2012

Revisiting my 2012 Wishlist

well... this will be my form of a comeback for promding chamimay! hehe hopefully my energy's enough to help me sustain keeping this blog up and to continue documenting my little family's little craziness... :-) i feel so OC not being able to move on with the more recent blog-worthy posts because i feel like i have soooo much bloglog already... so let me just start with this little lame update on how well i've stick to my 2012 wishlist... hehehe

here's what i wrote 11months ago... my current comments are in red


i know February's about to end tapos ngayon lang ako mglilista ng wishlist ko for 2012.... well i have all these things in mind at the start of the year, i just wanna have it documented so i have some checklist to lookback to at the end of the year.... as of this post i was able to tick off one from the list already!! so let's see how far i'll be able to commit to this list... :-)

1) Merloquet!!! been drooling about this waterfalls since 2010...

 - my number one in this list! hehehe and definitely not a disappointment!!! we've finally made the trip! and the mere mention of the place will definitely get me raving about it again!!!

 - and to top that, was even able to create a post about our suuuper fun trip! here's the link: MERLOQUET!!!

 - that's 1pt for me here! hehe

2) Malamawi beach!!! that white beach beyond sta cruz island.... that white beach in Basilan... :-)

 - this one's a major fail... more like the initial planning of the Merloquet trip which we kept on rescheduling until we can no longer go for it... hehehe... will resched this sometime next year or next next year perhaps... :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sampateek, definitely for the healthier you!

Welcome to Sampateek, the premier online destination for those who have decided to take charge in improving their overall health through lifestyle modification and proper diet. Sampateek is a fun, easy to use web applicationgeared towards helping you achieve your healthy eating goals by embracing a lifestyle that is not only healthy, but also fun!
It's a well-known fact that faddy diets and weight loss programs do more harm than good, and the vast majority of diet programs are only intended as a short-term solution. We at Sampateek believe that adopting a healthier lifestyle shouldn't have to mean giving up the things you enjoy in life, or restricting yourself to a set menu of bland dishes.
Our very name is derived from the French “sympathique”, meaning a gentle, even enjoyable approach, and with an array of tools, tips and support from specialized nutritionists, we aim to help you make this a positive, fun and natural transition – at your own pace!


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