Friday, December 28, 2012

Revisiting my 2012 Wishlist

well... this will be my form of a comeback for promding chamimay! hehe hopefully my energy's enough to help me sustain keeping this blog up and to continue documenting my little family's little craziness... :-) i feel so OC not being able to move on with the more recent blog-worthy posts because i feel like i have soooo much bloglog already... so let me just start with this little lame update on how well i've stick to my 2012 wishlist... hehehe

here's what i wrote 11months ago... my current comments are in red


i know February's about to end tapos ngayon lang ako mglilista ng wishlist ko for 2012.... well i have all these things in mind at the start of the year, i just wanna have it documented so i have some checklist to lookback to at the end of the year.... as of this post i was able to tick off one from the list already!! so let's see how far i'll be able to commit to this list... :-)

1) Merloquet!!! been drooling about this waterfalls since 2010...

 - my number one in this list! hehehe and definitely not a disappointment!!! we've finally made the trip! and the mere mention of the place will definitely get me raving about it again!!!

 - and to top that, was even able to create a post about our suuuper fun trip! here's the link: MERLOQUET!!!

 - that's 1pt for me here! hehe

2) Malamawi beach!!! that white beach beyond sta cruz island.... that white beach in Basilan... :-)

 - this one's a major fail... more like the initial planning of the Merloquet trip which we kept on rescheduling until we can no longer go for it... hehehe... will resched this sometime next year or next next year perhaps... :D

3) Victoria falls and cave. been to the cave back in highschool when we had our science camp there... pero wala pa akong camera noon, and i can still vividly remember how fun it was... i just wanna go back again... plus to see the Sieta Andanas falls being promoted by the barangay lately... 

 - another failed plan hehehe... :-) 

4) explore 3 more zambo possible tourist-worthy hidden places (on top of nos.1-3). who knows, this explore zambo mode ng mga kaladkarin this year would eventually lead us to find out about more pretty places in zambo city (which is still unknown to me as of this post)

 - partially done.... we went for a hike behind Mt. Pulong Bato, which is supposedly a protected watershed and we're not allowed to go without getting a permit first but i guess we charmed the guards and he let us in! hehehe... :-) we ended the trek at the Rojo's resthouse which commands a great panoramic view of Zamboanga City! here's my blogpost about this trip: PULONG BATO TREK

 - other than Pulong Bato, no other exploratory trip made around zambo... hehehe still that's a 1/3, a lot better than 0/3 hehehe :D

 - 1/3 pts... hehe :D

5) trip with my boys. destination: Antique. haven't been to my pop's place since college... haven't been there since i had my own digicam... i still have clear images of Antique (specially Valderrama!) in my mind, i wish i can go back and take actual photos.... 

 - our little family have to go through some changes during this year so this trip will have to be still looks impossible for next year so i hope i would be able to bring and introduce my boys and my girl (hopefully! hehe) by 2014 in another wonderful childhood place where i spent crazy time running around and sucking in as much nature as i can... :-)

6) kitakits with my gurlfriends from GE. heard one's leaving pinas soon... since i left GE, i still get to see them at least once a year pa rin.... i just hope we won't miss 2012 and still get to have fun together... :-)

 - had a very quick alone trip to Manila last July... i've spent one day with my astro gurlfriends... but was only able to spend a quick dinner and chatime chikahan with Ezra and Etz after... Julie was not around that time (US right???) and the DJ is also out of country... but still had a good daldalan with the ezrapots... :-) sana next year we'll really get to have a mini-reunion... at DJ's wedding??? :-) hehehe :D
 - another 1/3 pts hehe :D

7) surf!!! im not really good at it, but at least i can proudly say kaya ko ng tumayo sa board!!! i miss the feeling stoked! this one's a bit impossible this year but i still keep my fingers crossed hehehe

  - well, this wish i know from the start was a long shot so yeah it didn't push thru... hehe :D

8) attend a Mindanao bloggers get together (MBS6 or the Socsargen's). after attending MBS4 2years ago here in zamboanga i'm hyped by the idea of Mindanao bloggers uniting to fight the negative publicity of Mindanao in the net... by blogging beautiful things about Mindanao, we can provide more search hits that are positive when people wants stuff about this big-of-a-place down here....

 - i wonder why no Mindanao Bloggers summit was scheduled this year... too sad it disappeared suddenly, specially now that i've known more Zamboanga Bloggers....

That's 1 and 2/3s out of my 8 travel wish for 2012... hehehe... :-)

and here's a list of other stuff i wanna buy or do for my cute little family... :-)

1) itouch/ipad. get us this... im sure this will be perfect to tame pao later if we'll tag him along during our lakwatsa. :-)

 - will have to postpone this for now... had to stretch a little during this year because of the little change in our little family... which in a way paid off our patience because we have a happy and a yearend full of blessings! :-) so i still have to be thankful inspite of needing to hold my desire to buy lots of stuff... :-)

2) sewing machine. recycled or new kahit ano basta i wanna learn how to sew my own clothes!!!

 - i've learned that i need to learn how to make patterns first before moving on to sewing machines... hehehe and even for pattern-making, i can not find the time to really sit down and learn it... :-( 

3) at least 100 posts for each of my 3 active blogs. still a long way to go as of this post. 

 - i have given up Chamimay on Flats, got really lazy with CharmieTamba Point&Shoot yeah, these two blogs are not hitting this goal hehehe... for Promding Chamimay, my momentum started out good but for the past month i have slowed down due to the pregnancy... this is my 87th post, still 13 posts short and i only have some 4 days to go before the year ends... hehehe though i'm considering transferring some of Chamimay on Flats posts here because i just feel the need to have everything in one blog... :-) that would definitely make me achieve my goal... it may sound like a cheat, but i'm giving myself 1pt here! haha! :D

4) dslr. a long time dream nyaha! i dunno why i still cant get myself to buy one... cguro dahil it's too bulky for impromptu photos which i love to take... :D

 - this will have to stay on the sidelines also... and i am actually considering buying a more handy but powerful camera that still works like a dslr but easy to carry around specially with a kid in tow... :-)

5) an unusual 1st bday for pao (i prefer a trip pero ang gusto ng daddy e party muna dahil 1st bday)

 - yey! was able to deal with this one... not very unusual birthday party though but i'm pretty sure my little dude had enjoyed himself so much during the party... i invited more or less 30 kids to party with him, and we brought in Jollibee so it was riot... :-) I was not able to create blogposts about it yet.

6) lose 35lbs and 11.5inches off my waist! (starting weight:160 waist: 39.5")

 - i almost almost did this!!! hehehe... good thing my Kaladkarins were as eager as I am to run everyday for 3 months,so was able to lose some but eventually stopped there because we got all busy already with other things, from work to school to our own personal lives hehehe that we run only from time to time and no longer the daily routine we were able to achieve from January-March this year.... 

 - and since October I am forced to stop this scheme completely... so this kind of wish will definitely be a part of my 2013...i'm expecting to give birth in June, 3months of recuperation from a Ceasarian op after and i'll start running again by October next year... :-) let's just say i earned some 0.5pts here... :D

7) run a 5k, 10k and a full marathon!!! 

 - did several 5k runs this year... but the longest run i only had was a crazy 9k challenge during Forest Lake's anniversary... crazy because there were a lot of uphills! and it didn't look like just a 9k run! although these are the only runs i had these year and well most likely until next year i still feel proud that i was already able to go beyond the usual 3k!!! hihihi and mind you my first 5k run (by Philhealth) was just 45min and the 2nd (Ateneo sunset run) improved to 42min! hihihi still far from our 30min goal for a 5k though... :D

 - i'll give myself 0.5pts here... that full marathon will still be on my list year after year after year until i'll be able to run one (really want the Milo Marathon actually!)...

8) pimp our room. room muna, di ko pa kaya ang buong house... i need more closet space na! and i want the room to look happy always!

- we've partially started... with removing the wooden wall and making sure it's anay-free already... we weren't able to move on for reasons stated in no.1.... plus we are thinking of pimping the whole house instead!!! i'm so glad the hubby and the mamang agreed to give me a moondeck!!! yey! the paolo and the new baby will definitely love the moondeck... pao's showing some interest with moon and stars since he was months old (very mommy!!! let's form our own AstroSoc pao! haha!)... so i cant wait to have our own place in the house perfect for observing them... and well, can't wait to teach them the constellations too!!! will definitely start with the easy ones hihihi :D

 - am giving myself some 0.25pts for the effort here... :D

9) get a better car (bwaha! posible kaya?)

 - we have to postpone this also for reasons stated in no.1... but this will definitely be on top of our list for next year!!! :-) so for now Hammie will still remain with the family... oh i just hope i will really have the heart to let her go later.... my first car, my first vintage car... :-(

10) bake at least 3 recipes this year! i got an electric oven as a gift during our wedding last year, anniversary na nya pero i have not done anything with it yet... 

 - hahaha... tawa agad ang reaction ko! because except for my attempt to bake red tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper... no other attempt was done by me this year... hopefully i'll be able to drag my butt to at least start with pandesal next year para naman di masira yung oven ko (thanks to Dr. Calma for that pala... almost 2years na pero di ko pa rin nagagamit ng bongga hehehe)! :-)

11) try video blogging for at least 3 trips... :-) i guess this'll be more fun... i just hope i will learn how to edit videos well. :-)

 - umn... will try to consider again next year!!! hahaha everytime i remember i have this on my list we're already done with our trip and the next trip and the next...until we've run out of our mini adventures... :-)

12) grow my own herb garden. with basil, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, mints, dill and whatevers.. 

 - hahahaha! isang tawa ulit! because with the only herb i started this year, nothing else followed.... di ko na nga alam san na yung basil pot ko! hahaha :D

13) read at least 3 really good books. (Paulo Coehlo's Brida won't count, because i started reading it back in 2009 but still unfinished to date... but i have to finish that this year still.)

 - 3??? i'm only about to finish the only book I started this year... hihihi i'm less than 200pages to go as of this blogpost, so yeah at least i had 1/3 for this year....i'm getting my reading groove back! yeba! :D so another 0.25pts hehehe :D

hmn.... 3.5pts out of 13.... still a failed score! haha!!! :-) but am already feeling accomplished at that! haha... hope i'll be more true to my wishlist next year! :-)

i know marami ang impossible... pero i will keep my fingers crossed... kaya yan! :D and i hope despite all these i can still save. :D hehehehe

 - and this is what i'm soooo giddy about this yearend... although this was not officially part of the list but weee!!! i was able to revive our savings again!!! :-) i just need to find a way that there's no way for us to touch it unless we're really on our neck to survive... hehe :D hope to triple this by end of next year too!!! :-)... can i get a 3pts for this??? hihihi :D

overall i think i've done 5 and 1/6 of the total 21 items in my wishlist... a failed score i know... hehehe :-) 


  1. Yay! I like it! Gusto ko rin mag post ng ganto pero ung mga unforgettable memories of 2012 hindi wishlist haha stressful eh kasi di ko nakuha :D

  2. way to go charm!

    it's good to have goals para alam mo kung ano yung gusto mo. never tried it though. magulo kasi utak ko so di uubra ang "goals" and stuff :(

  3. anything is better than zero. Great job charm! Just set your mind to it. Hmm, maybe I should do something like this at my blog... to remind me too.

  4. At least you earned points than getting none. :) Might wanna try doing like this too.

    Have a happy new year.

  5. i commend you for your keen documentation, sabi nga ni mys anything is better than zero and i don't see it as a failure, you did a good job
    happy new year ms PC!

  6. You are back, Charmee!!! I find it hard to make a wishlist! I take things as they come!

  7. great post, you're lucky to have visited some of the place you want to visit. I still dream of traveling locally, I hope my finances will allow me this year..

  8. Haha enjoyed reading your post! Welcome back, Charm!

  9. You're so modest in giving yourself some points. You've actually accomplished more than you thought you did. I admire your honesty. :-)

  10. I hope you will be able to get your unfulfilled wishes this year. :)

  11. Wow! This is one awesome and lengthy post. HAHA! It's a good thing that you went back to check on the changes! I'm happy for your accomplishments! I'm sure it feels good to at least have some of those things scratched off of your bucket list! Have a great 2013 Cham!

  12. 5 out of 21 is ok Cham, better than not having anything done on your list. Happy 2013! All the best! Hopefully you'll be able to achieve your other goals this year.

  13. Your weight lost is still okay. This is my goal this year. Hehe. Happy New Year!

  14. love the recap..i also did a recap in one of my blog posts..

    Happy New Year

  15. you did a good job, you can sort out unaccomplished wish this 2013 still a lot more time

  16. I grew up in Zamboanga City but I never been to Meloquet Falls..Hope to visit that place when soon. :)

  17. Great that you had some of the items on your list done. I'm sure that 2013 will be better.

  18. Don't worry, at least you're able to achieve some. I used to write my goals also and this is one good way to keep really focus on what you want but it won't really hurt if you're not really able to do all.

    Good Luck for 2013.

  19. go for powershot instead of dslr, hehe sometimes having a dslr is a hassle. hehe sometimes it is also not allowed in some places. hehe

    Happy 2013!

  20. This reminds me to write my goals for this year. I'd probably end up making easily attainable ones but would still love to see how I fare at the end of the year. :)

  21. Wow! You're such an organized person sis. I agree with Aby. Don't buy dslr kasi it's kinda bulky especially not advisable for trips. I suggest you buy Linux. The lens can still be changed. Much lighter and easy to carry on. The results of the shots are still the same like dslr. Read reviews to see + it's much cheaper hehehe!

  22. That's a whole lot of list! Congrats on your runs. Mahirap kaya ang uphill runnin kaya saludo ko sa yo :-) Keep it up!

  23. Great photos! Doing at least one of your goals is good na. You can always continue achieving these in the years to come :)

  24. Good for you! You did accomplish a lot. I wish you peace and happiness with the new baby on the way. Blessings!
    Happy New Year!
    Eliz (bc blogger)

  25. Good job! This is a great idea, actually. I would love to do the same, pero I don't remember my 2012 goals. Lol!

    By the way, how was the birthday party in Jollibee? My kid's turning 1 on March, and I plan to celebrate it in Jollibee also.

  26. I love to grow an herb garden, too, actually! :) By the way, you got a good list!

  27. I loooove travelling and experiencing a lot of different things that the new place has to offer! Great wishlist for 2012 and seeing that you've ticked off a lot is a great job! More power to you this year! :)

  28. Wow! You've accomplished a lot. Good luck on blogging! Have a wonderful 2013!

  29. great recap! mukhang you had fun with 2012 and accomplished a lot. i hope 2013 is way better.

  30. Love the photos! My baby is also turning 1 in May. Saan kaya namin celebrate?

  31. Don't be too hard on yourself. The point is learning from the challenges diba? Looking forward to scoring better in 2013! :)

  32. There is always this year to continue what you have started. Pumayat ka!! Wow. Tips?

  33. Accomplishing a little is better than getting nothing done at all. I hope to start on my planned tasks soon!

  34. Wow you had a blast last year! I hope you have a wonderful 2013 too! God bless!

  35. A long achievement for you, congratulations! Perhaps you can share with all of us in your future posts how you lost so much weight? But it is understandable though too coz you gave birth to your son and the added weight soon disappeared. Cheers to your 2013! :)

  36. I think you still had an awesome 2012! The weight loss was very inspiring. :)



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