Monday, June 21, 2010

Lupong Tagapagpaganap ng Pook (LTP) - Cabatangan,ZC

i grew up knowing this place is called only as "Lupong". Since this is somehow near our house before, my family would usually go to this place very early in the morning to jog...and even during times we have relatives visiting us here in Zamboanga City, as far as i can remember this seems to be one of the "tourist spots" we would usually take them...

when you're somewhere near the city, you'll easily notice this white mosque-looking building sitting on the mountain ranges of the city....
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i never bothered to know what this building's for before... the only impression i have is that this is a tourist spot... even during the time that i've heard Misuari and his ARMM government had taken their office here, my only reaction was that sayang, the place was really nice as far as i can remember and the thought of having them there would mean no one can just go there anytime... so when the news spread that there had been some clashes between Misuari's armed men from Lupong and the AFP i was a bit happy knowing that Lupong will be controlled again by the national government and may be opened to the public.... but i never get to find out if it had been as i've expected until our Cabatangan trip... :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

cabatangan hike :-)

The trip to Cabatangan (a barangay north of zamboanga city - somewhere along the mountain ranges of the city) was planned because we decided to invade Mam June's house for her birthday. She told us about hiking around and we all agreed... I didn't do any research on what we can expect during the hike. After the lamonfest we decided to push through with the hike....

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we walked through paved roads... still no idea where were heading... the only clue we got from Mam June is that there's a Cruz Mayor somewhere in our destination and we'll pass through a school as well (was it ZAEC?)....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

gulucinas (a.k.a.: kakanin) party

my latest chavacano word learned! hehehe :-) initially i thought it refers to kamanting (cassava cooked liked suman ). later i've found out that it's a general term for all filipino delicacies/kakanin

it was mam june's birthday so we invited ourselves to her house... hehehe

content of this blog is all about food... :-) i'll share some cooking secrets here...

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she cooked ginataan! i don't know how to describe this... hehehe i think it's made of banana, sago, camote, sugar and im not sure what else...all cooked slowly with coconut milk... i'm really not a fan of ginataan but this one's really good! ate a lot of this! :D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tofu in zamboanga!!!

i've been looking for tofu/tokwa here since last year... even Chowking Zamboanga rarely have tofu to serve! just imagine my reaction when i saw these lovelies in Mindpro groceries!!! hehehe although i was being told that i can find tofu in the main public market downtown, i was also informed that it runs out fast...well, that place is too far from home and i might need to go there real early just to get a tofu (oh yes, you wont find one in other markets! endangered specie ang tofu dito sa zambo!! hehe)... but these Mindpro tofus cost a lot... well at least compared to my tofu buys in Shopwise Makati hehehe.... oh well, been craving for tofu for a year so i bought 2!!!
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just the other day... my 2 tofu packs turned into yummy adobong tofu!!! forgot to take photos hehehe they're all gone right away! :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

sta cruz island 2010! (sol&gie's trip)

this is still part of the 2-day trip of sol & gie here in zambo... the primary reason sol really came back... she missed going to Sta Cruz Island during her last trip here. :-) i've invited officemates as well... i didn't expect we would reach 20 headcounts! :D

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one of my fave shots naming tatlo. :-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

zambo trip ni sol & gie (June2010)

dati pangarap ko lang makainvite ng friends sa zamboanga.... eversince college pa...but i would always get an eyebrow-raise for a response.... who wouldn't be scared of zamboanga if all the not so good news (including basilan's) are being reported from here... but eversince i was able to had ezra and the gang here last year a lot of friends from manila also became interested to come over. :D

this time my visitors are my roommates from college... gie & sol! :-) this is sol's 2nd time already though... she really wanted to comeback because she missed the sta cruz island when she went here with some friends last year.... so we made sure that's really part of their IT. :-)

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