Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tofu in zamboanga!!!

i've been looking for tofu/tokwa here since last year... even Chowking Zamboanga rarely have tofu to serve! just imagine my reaction when i saw these lovelies in Mindpro groceries!!! hehehe although i was being told that i can find tofu in the main public market downtown, i was also informed that it runs out fast...well, that place is too far from home and i might need to go there real early just to get a tofu (oh yes, you wont find one in other markets! endangered specie ang tofu dito sa zambo!! hehe)... but these Mindpro tofus cost a lot... well at least compared to my tofu buys in Shopwise Makati hehehe.... oh well, been craving for tofu for a year so i bought 2!!!
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just the other day... my 2 tofu packs turned into yummy adobong tofu!!! forgot to take photos hehehe they're all gone right away! :D

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