Thursday, June 17, 2010

gulucinas (a.k.a.: kakanin) party

my latest chavacano word learned! hehehe :-) initially i thought it refers to kamanting (cassava cooked liked suman ). later i've found out that it's a general term for all filipino delicacies/kakanin

it was mam june's birthday so we invited ourselves to her house... hehehe

content of this blog is all about food... :-) i'll share some cooking secrets here...

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she cooked ginataan! i don't know how to describe this... hehehe i think it's made of banana, sago, camote, sugar and im not sure what else...all cooked slowly with coconut milk... i'm really not a fan of ginataan but this one's really good! ate a lot of this! :D

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i wasn't able to take photos of the kamanting. but i made sure i have photos of these fresh lumpia! my fave! i cant remember how many of these i was able to finish! hehe now i know how to prepare the fresh lumpia wrap... i just need to try it though... :D the wrapper is made of cornstarch, water and beaten egg (beat white first until very frothy then add the beaten yolk slowly) and cooked quickly in a pan over slow fire. the content... just imagine whatever you want to put! i think in this case mam june had singkamas, chicken liver, and carrots (did i miss anything? hehe). the sauce was really good too! my's vinegar, cornstarch, lots of garlic and pepper... hehehe.

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and this... this is my raved pasta! been cooking this recipe for some time already and i always get good feedbacks... most of the time im asked to cook this again... :) hehe well... this is the reason why im always disappointed with a lot of restos here in zamboanga who's serving pasta... i cant find one that can match mine! hahahaha gotta brag! :D

recipe is simple. just saute together the following: canned tuna, sliced olives, capers, dried basil, garlic, onions, bell pepper, canned tomatos (it's being said that processed tomatoes releases more lycopene that fresh), tomato sauce... you can modify this recipe in a lot of ways... but here's one major assurance... you'll never go wrong with these ingredients...

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Tita Caling's chocolate cake from Myrna's bakeshop (a local to zamboanga bakeshop that had been an institution already here that even the entry of red ribbon and a distributor-setup of goldilocks still wasn't able to upstage Myrna's)... been hearing a lot of good reviews about this cake. well... it's good... chocolate moist cake at the bottom (which i find a bit dry) then choco mousse on top.... as much as i want to say it's good... it's still not as good as my fave chocolate roll of goldilocks! hehehe i want my chocolate cake as simple but as chocolate-y as possible (goldilock's cake is chiffon-like and doesn't feel dry... and the chocolate that covers it is really good.. this had become my benchmark everytime i try chocolate cakes hehe)

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thanks for the lamon-fest mam june! :-) happy birthday! :-)

Ma'am June's place
Cabatangan, Zamboanga City
12 June 2010



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