back in 2010, i can not imagine myself mothering another human... but what do i know right? here i am now facing the challenges of a working mom, of living with my parents (lolo's and lola's are definitely major baby spoilers i tell you! hehe), of wanting my kid to experience my happy childhood, and a lot more mommyness along the way... :-)

here's to documenting all that.... 

us 4! (pao-mat-mommy-daddy) - 2016:

us 4! (pao-mat-mommy-daddy) - 2015:

us 4! (pao-mat-mommy-daddy) - 2014:

us 4! (pao-mat-mommy-daddy) - 2013:

us 3 (pao-mommy-daddy) - 2011-2012:

my DIY'S! and other domestic loves:

pregnancy posts:


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