Friday, February 28, 2014

lana sardinas: isang papet musikal ni Kiko Miranda (first run!)

i first heard of this when i saw their call for casting last February i think.... back then i was only hoping i'll be able to watch it.... pangit or not... hehehe pagkatapos nun i've completely forgotten about the play until Mam June Bugante suggested it to me and Juvee after we go loka about not being able to catch the international film festival during Dia de Zamboanga celebration.... good thing it was on a friday night, with no scheduled overtime work! so off to Ateneo we go.... the FB invite says no admission fee, pay as able... it's up to us to price the group's performance!

it was more or less an outdoor setup (hooray for no rain!)... we noticed an expensive lights & sounds supplier so expectations shoot up immediately hehe.... but even then the performance exceeded that! you won't feel the outdoor setup the whole time, actually you won't notice anything else except the play! heard later that several members of the cast were first timers! you won't notice that too!!! 

ok i know im all raving about Lana Sardinas... hehe :-)

for one, the story and the lines are neatly done (hooray sir Kiko!).... the music, flawless! (well at least for a non-musician ear hehe)... and each character well delivered.... :-)

Aside from being a cute, well done play it's nice to know that it also campaigns to protect the sardines of the Sulu-Celebes sea which at this moment is being threatened from over fishing and wrong methods of fishing...just imagine the effect of depleted supply of sardines in our area... the effect: magdidisappear or magmamahal ang mga de latang sardinas! (which is a basic go-to food of our not-so-well-off kabayans) 

'nuff daldal... here's some scenes from the first night of the play!
(im still wishing though that i can get the names of everyone and include them here)

di ko alam paano itranslate to english.... but then here's some info about the whos behind the play

set...Lana! and her mom....and that bomb scene with red lights and red clothes thrown from everywhere... effective!

i hope i get this right.... here's the Tuna (gabay sa mga naliligaw na isda).... supposed to be almost extinct... first character Lana encountered

then the crab! nagtatalo pa kami kung ano sya... hehe but i appreciate how cute how it was build up.... and the sickly seahorse...more characters met by Lana.... i was too engrossed watching the next character (a pregnant turtle) that i forgot to take photos

Lana's big light bulb moment.... realization about us humans...ending her hatred and her learning to forgive.... :-)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

dinner with the TGs!!!

2nd meetup in less than 3months!!! wow improving tayo!!! hehehe but still not complete.... this time we're missing cherry and m-ghee....but at least for the regulars we ger to see Marsha and Manash this time (sila ang absent nung dec30! haha)

i'm beginning to love Max's simply because they have really good tofu dishes!

manash bungisngis as always hihihi

what are you two up to??? :D

pretty mommy moni and baby yayam!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

lazy sunday love

this is how we usually want our sundays..... 

lots of playtime outside! from helping water the plants to running around and just be dirty and sometimes even sweaty and stinky hehehe

with some "wishing i can run around with kuyaboo" moments too!

...and lots of greens to just soak ourselves with.... :D

....and during night time... when we're supposed to slow down before sleep, we love to cuddle and play puzzle on mommy's phone

...until the kuyaboo decides to runaway with mommy's phone!
ohhhh perfect lazy ordinary sundays! looove!!!

created and posted March 24, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"dagat ni mama pilar" date with tita lelang

part of my boys' normal routine on saturdays is a date with their lolo and lola.... they attend mass at the Fort Pilar shrine then head to Paseo del mar ("dagat ni mama pilar" as paolo calls it) for some pizza and soda.... :-)

this saturday, mommy was able to leave work around 2pm and head to watch ABNKKBSNPL ako with tita lelang.... we decided to join the boys saturday lakwatsa after! :-)

somebody got his first 2 teeth!!!!

zamboanga sunset is always loooove!!! we are richer in terms of sunsets because our city faces the western side of the Philippines and the next island (basilan) is a bit far which gives us an unobstructed view of the sunset!

isaw sticks at Php1 each!!! yum-oh!

Friday, February 21, 2014

post v-day date

we rarely do this so its worth a blogpost (meaning i want to save the memory here)! hehehe we've long decided not to eat out so much because we're always frustrated with the food.... hehehe 

good thing this out of the blue "tara dinner tayo" was worth it kasi i had tofu! haha mababaw lang ako.... :D

created and posted March 24, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

pillow fight after sleepover

this is how we do sleepovers and greet each other good morning!!! hehehehe 

bike and kisses

one of my favorite days with my family.... everytime i replay that day in my mind or just look at the pictures, it's just sweetness overload all over.... <3 font="">

we had the titas slept over the night before, we were thinking of what to do that sunday when tita buding insisted on woodland together with paolo (dahil she missed the last trip dun!)... so woodland it is, despite daddy's wish to just stay home and rest.... hehe we got him convinced since zamcelco declared a half-day blackout anyway... this is our little secret (not so secret anymore hehehe) place where we can run and scream and swim and bike all we want... :-)

family picture!!!! loooove!!!

somebody was promoted to a bigger bike!

and someone was looking cute with kuyaboo's trunks and tita joy's shoe-sack gift! :-)

trying out kuyaboo's wheels! pero naudlot kasi di pa marunong umangkas, napasok pa ang paa sa gulong.... :-)

titas!!!! <3 font="">

Saturday, February 15, 2014

life is sooo sweet!

i feel so blessed because i regularly get days with images like this set.... :-) i pray that we will never run out of these perfect ordinary days.... :-) and i pray that i get to be  with these boys more often so we can create more perfect ordinary days together.... :-)

Friday, February 14, 2014

valentines playdate with my boys

valentines' day 2014.... we decided to skip the usual couple dinner and decided to have a date with out boys... we bought food and ICE CREAM (oh yes one of our simple joys) to be consumed at home hehe... and i dated 3 boys in one night! 

sugar-overloaded, we had an extended playtime before sleep that night.... at sa simpleng kumot lang perfect na perfect night na..... look at their happy faces in this set... this is one of my fave sets, though framing and composition is pathetic but im sooooo happy i captured a lot of im-sooo-crazy-happy-with-the-kumot-tent face.... hehehe


BTS on Mateo's 8th month shoot

it's getting harder and harder to take the monthly photos of my boys.... here's some of the crazy behind the scene scenarios.... :D this is the first time im sharing some, this is just for our February2014 shoot....

jump jump jump time!

dyan lang raw si paopao... suksuk sa side ni lola...

dapat may picture din daw ang truck nya....

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

mateo 8!

si kuyaboo ang tasked to blow dahil di pa marunong ang mamat

tent play!!!

lesson learned from kuyaboo.... take photos as much as i can dahil may stage na aayaw na talaga sa camera...

created and posted February 22, 2014


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