Sunday, February 16, 2014

bike and kisses

one of my favorite days with my family.... everytime i replay that day in my mind or just look at the pictures, it's just sweetness overload all over.... <3 font="">

we had the titas slept over the night before, we were thinking of what to do that sunday when tita buding insisted on woodland together with paolo (dahil she missed the last trip dun!)... so woodland it is, despite daddy's wish to just stay home and rest.... hehe we got him convinced since zamcelco declared a half-day blackout anyway... this is our little secret (not so secret anymore hehehe) place where we can run and scream and swim and bike all we want... :-)

family picture!!!! loooove!!!

somebody was promoted to a bigger bike!

and someone was looking cute with kuyaboo's trunks and tita joy's shoe-sack gift! :-)

trying out kuyaboo's wheels! pero naudlot kasi di pa marunong umangkas, napasok pa ang paa sa gulong.... :-)

titas!!!! <3 font="">

hay anak you're just 2 years old, i hope you won't forget that.... you're acting like a big boy na... proud and sad mommy here.... :-(

we had an unlimited supply of fresh air! sarap matulog.... sana kaming mga biggies din e may bed or hammock! hehe

si daddyboo pa rin ba ang kamukha ni kuyaboo???

gadgets break.... hehehe

itsura ng batang soooobrang ngenjoy sa pool.... :D

iniwan bigla ang pool dahil naalala si new bike... kaya ayan, bike ulit...

my boys.... <3 font="">

ayaw mgpapicture pero nahuli ng tita! <3 font="">

love these....

and this!!! <3 font="">

usapang hatian ng natitirang flattops!

parang si daddyboo lang, di tatantanan ang bagong toy... kahit pagod na pagod na... :-)

buti na lang baby pa si mamat, may kalaro pa ako sa blanket hehe


relax na relax na sila... pero may bike pa rin ng bike hehe

he didn't want to wear mommy's shades (nilawayan pa!), pero kay daddy walang hesitations.... marunong pumili! hehehe feeling cool dude ha? :D

created and posted February 21, 2014


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    1. thanks M! thanks for always checking on my posts... :-)
      you have a blog? would love to follow you too! :-)

  2. Awww.. Your babies were cute!!! I am excited for my baby to grow big na din tuloy! Happy Blogging! :)



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