Saturday, February 22, 2014

"dagat ni mama pilar" date with tita lelang

part of my boys' normal routine on saturdays is a date with their lolo and lola.... they attend mass at the Fort Pilar shrine then head to Paseo del mar ("dagat ni mama pilar" as paolo calls it) for some pizza and soda.... :-)

this saturday, mommy was able to leave work around 2pm and head to watch ABNKKBSNPL ako with tita lelang.... we decided to join the boys saturday lakwatsa after! :-)

somebody got his first 2 teeth!!!!

zamboanga sunset is always loooove!!! we are richer in terms of sunsets because our city faces the western side of the Philippines and the next island (basilan) is a bit far which gives us an unobstructed view of the sunset!

isaw sticks at Php1 each!!! yum-oh!

both my kids learned to drink from cups/bottles when they're around 6months because of my month... the challenge is to teach them to drink through straws.... sippy cups do not exists in their worlds.... hehehe

the paolo loves to throw coins to these badjaos.... well not really throw... but would love to ask you or whoever holds him to do the throwing.... :D

created and posted March 24, 2014

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