Wednesday, October 24, 2012

zamboanga hermosa festival street dance video

still not done with the zamboanga hermosa celebration posts (hehe)... here's a snappy vid of the streetdance competition done by the guy who conceptualized our wedding vid. :-)

- video by Dexter dela Pena (he does wedding vids too!)

Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 Fiesta Pilar Streetdance

this happened thursday, October 11, eve of the Fiesta Pilar.... too bad for my itchy feet i can not go and watch and shoot, it's a workday... i was only able to experience this once, back in 2009 (and well i guess when i was waaayyy younger when my cousins would bring me to watch hehe)... but the Hermosa Festival coverage will not be complete without the streetdance, so i just resorted to zamboanga's good photogs for photos, i just really really want to share how fun and colorful our Hermosa festival celebration is... and how much we (both Muslims and Christians of Zamboanga City) adore Our Lady of the Pillar...

here are wonderful photos of the streetdance by sir Jess Andrew Yu.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the waiting time: labor daysssss!

i've been wanting to blog about this last year after giving birth but pao's the priority.... our birthing part had a little story in it which i think is worth sharing... :-) 

i was admitted Oct 7 afternoon. After i made final habilin before i go on leave i headed to ER. i was not feeling any pain, no water bag burst, nothing. when i was wheeled in inside OR i was actually asked by the midwife why i was admitted already, i just said my OB says so hehe :-) i'm not sure now if i was immediately induced but i remember i've gone through the process twice but still end up feeling no pain at all, not even a pinch kind of pain... nothing! Oct 8 came and we were all hoping that would be THE day since it's a good number for chinese (pero di po kami chinese ha hehe)... but i guess pao was still having fun inside hehe... during this time i've already lost count how many pregnant women came in the Labor room and left to give birth.. i was beginning to feel the frustration. the DR ladies instructed me to walk and do bends... didn't work still... i've already seen and talked with all the DR nurses and midwives, and i think almost all of them had spent 2 duties with me in there..

Oct9, last resort was done to induce my labor... 8hours later finally my 1cm progressed to 4cm, enough to check on the baby i suppose. Stat CS was scheduled immediately after meconium was found... i was under anesthesia the whole time i can barely hear them before i went blank... then went back to a groggy consciousness hearing my anesth say "charm gising na, ikaw ha kinain mo lahan ng pagkain, ang liit ng baby mo" haha! i remember my thoughts then, i was like "oh no! mana sa tatay!!!" then i went blank again... hahahaha! :D

and while all these are happening to me in the labor room (Oct7-9!!!), the hubby and family and friends had been finding ways to entertain themselves in my room, fighting boredom and anxiety hehehe :-) here's their little photostory... 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Miss Zamboanga 2012 winner

sharing photo of this year's Miss Zamboanga (pageant was held last night, October 4, 2012)

ENHORABUENA SeƱorita Christine Macasarte Juaton de Ayala. 

- photo by Raymond Pontillas - 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga website

i have noticed that my blog's getting hits for searches with keyword "Ciudad Medical Zamboanga website". since i'm an employee, might as well share it here to help those who happen to end up in my site. :-) Here's the link:

It's more FUN in the Philippines official video

just as i'm getting my kaladkarin groove back i saw this! eeeeekkk!!! all the more i can not contain myself anymore! hahaha i'm so excited to be everywhere na ulit and this time with my new little travel buddy! he's still a travel virgin but will only stay that way in less than 60days from this post! weeee! 

on the video again, we have to give it this time to Philippine's Department of Tourism!!! after several mishaps in the campaigns sent out before, this video simply redeemed DOT! clap clap clap! :D 

to use my buddy ezra's words: "this vid is awesome. if i've never been to the Philippines, i'd pack my bags and go!"

urgh! i dunno how to make this video look bigger in blogspot, anybody help please? :D

i hope though that DOT would tap travel bloggers too! a lot of things about the Philippines became documented and available online because of those who are eager to share their wonderful experiences in all the islands! can't wait to be part of the moving crowd again who's everywhere trying to discover more off-the-beaten path wonderful places and stuff in the Philippines! yeba!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my boys: my greatest adventure!

i had been tamed, finally... by these 2 "little" boys that are completely mine as much as i am theirs... :-) i had been wishing for this day, that i can finally say that i am soooo in love without hesitations, without anything to hold me back. :-) aahhh... bliss! 

i feel at peace and happy and excited everyday with my boys... it's like being in a new place with your best buds and more... i've been away from them for the 2nd time this year for 2 days which made me realize that i don't want to be anywhere without them... wish i can pack them with me all the time hehe :D

imagine the thrill of travel plus I have my happy pills with me... that would be totally awesome!!! ...but even without going anywhere, our ordinary days together are already filled with awesomeness, the kind where you look forward to the next days even before the today is done... :-) hope it will stay like this forever... looooove! :-)

the 2 days without the mommy plus the "rainfull" weekend bonded my boys really well... made me a bit jealous hihi :D

one of our perfectly ordinary weekends where we revive worn out toys back to a fun-filled life. :-) 


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