Tuesday, September 30, 2014

paomat - september2014

our september in photos...

we went to daddy's office for a little playtime....while he jogged... :-) the boys loved the place dahil ang daming grassy area to run around.... 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

lunchdate with lolo and lola

these 2 boys are lucky to be growing up around a lolo & a lola.... i know how it feels to have a spoiler around.... i was able to somehow spent some year/s with a lolo/lola before too....  (though extra challenge for mommy/daddy kasi merong spoiler! haha!)

one sunday lunch, habang dayoff ang mga yaya, ngkatamaran lang kaming mgluto sa house so since ngoffer ang lolo ng treat, we decided to head to Chowking Camins, perfect timing dahil supposedly may dapat na darating na plane by 1pm....that resto has a 2nd floor which has a nice view of the the part of the runway where planes usually make their touchdown....

 one of those apo-grannies dates that daddy-mommy were able to join kaya may photos.... :-) 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

pao's first fun run

last time i had a run, our little guy told me he wants to join mommy.... the EAAB (Edwin Andrews Air Base) fun run was a good sample for him, it's inside the base so i feel safe taking him with me...i signed up pao, me and the daddyboo for a 3K run (although there was supposed to be a 500m for kids hihi)... his motivation - to see an airplane up close.....we have not seen one throughout the run, but that's what kept him going...asked to be carried only for a short time... :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

my zambo siege recall - day01

September 9, 2014. First day back from a Manila trip with pao and daddyboo... still having that hangover while at the same time excited to play again with mamat.... then the first thing on tv that day was about the fleeing of Mampang residents due to MNLF's presence, and that was in Umagang Kay Ganda, national news! So I was like, things seem quiet here... is that so serious to be in national tv??? Went through the usual monday morning preps for work... As soon as i arrived at work I can already feel the tensed atmosphere. Indeed the Mampang news is dead serious... and our ER was actually busy, very busy... most of the wounded soldiers and police during the early morning clash with the MNLFs were brought to our hospital... 

that day, everybody's hope was still high that it will end by night time just like the Cabatangan siege. we were trying our best to make it work as usual, we're a hospital we can not simply close shop.... however, by early afternoon, 6pm curfew was already imposed. we have to change gear... we have employees supposed to come in at night....  

....it was just surreal... 


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