Saturday, September 20, 2014

pao's first fun run

last time i had a run, our little guy told me he wants to join mommy.... the EAAB (Edwin Andrews Air Base) fun run was a good sample for him, it's inside the base so i feel safe taking him with me...i signed up pao, me and the daddyboo for a 3K run (although there was supposed to be a 500m for kids hihi)... his motivation - to see an airplane up close.....we have not seen one throughout the run, but that's what kept him going...asked to be carried only for a short time... :-)

that's my elementary school right there....just want to have a photo with my boy in a place from my past.... :D

tricked him to look up so we can have a decent family photo... :D

we were not last!!! but we finished while the closing program already started...

with ninang Juvee

with the other runners from CMZ

i cant afford leaving the base without finding an airplane... so i desperately asked Mel's mom.... and we found one!!!! just beside the old playground.... :-)

September 20, 2014 EAAB
Created and Posted: October 16, 2014

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  1. hello mommy chamimay :)
    love reading blogs with the story of motherhood etc...i am also a mom but my kids is not babies anymore ... pray to have another little angel soon ... cute ni Kuya Pao in his first run :) ..enjoy reading your blogs .... this is just me ...Bhie :)



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