Saturday, July 24, 2010

RORO to Samal Island (Davao 2 of 7)

There are several ways to get to Samal Island from Davao City. The first time I went there we took a banca that brought us directly to Paradise Island resort. I think other resorts also have similar arrangements. But to do a really backpacking trip to Samal Island, taking the RORO adds to the thrill! ;-) Specially, since we decided not to stay in Paradise Island and other pricey resorts. We chose a resort that would be very accessible if we'll tour the other points of interest in the island, and we can only get there through the RORO bus.

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i'm not sure if there are other bus lines going to Samal Island, but so far I've only seen buses of Island City Express around.

We were told to go to Magsaysay Park in Davao City where we can take the bus. I haven't seen the park (is there one ba? hehe). But our cab driver brought us exactly where the Island City Express bus parks while waiting for passengers. I think there's no exact schedule. By the time we got there the other bus just left and we were left with no choice but to take the next which is completely empty... but good thing it got filled real quick.

Bus Fares (well, at least until our stop - The Warehouse):
Non-Aircon - Php40.00
Aircon - Php50.00

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Japanese Tunnel (Davao - 1 of 7)

the only place in our Davao City itinerary that we were able to visit (aside from the malls and hanging out with my relatives)... :-)

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The tunnel was constructed during Japanese occupation (that's in the 1940s), but this was discovered only in 1962.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

bowling... zambo-style!

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this is how i learned to play bowling before i encountered the 10-pins in Manila... this is how we've known bowling down here... :D


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