Sunday, April 17, 2011

it's a boy!!!

oh yes, im very pregnant! :-) and we're having a baby boy!!!

this is something i can not contain anymore... i have tried to keep it mum for sometime (although not totally because i cant stop myself from telling my friends hehe), but now i'm definitely back to my "over-eager-to-tell-the-world-about-good-things-im-experiencing" self again... :-)

i'm done with the hellish first trimester... it wasn't as bad for me... though i swear it weakened and slowed me down a bit... but as i always say, it's an awful-wonderful-weird feeling im very willing to have, because not everyone get to experience that and im just soooo thankful im going through this now. :-)

and so promding chamimay is soooo grounded this year.... no trips, cancelled whatever was booked... but im still as excited over this experience as much as im excited everytime im having a trip... :-) a tottaly different adventure for promding chamimay... and definitely will be having so much to blog about... :-)

it's still 5.5 months before i'll pop... i know it may be a tough ride, but with all the love our family and friends are giving us now i feel we're well cushioned for the experience... :-) so bring it on! hehehe i cant wait to have my little kaladkarin with me in my next trips!!!! :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

little secret

there's something that i've been wanting to tell the whole world for some time now... i'm usually the kind who squeals right away when something excites me.... but this time, although a lot of my friends know already.... i still choose to find the perfect time.... :-)

so no squeling for today.... not now...not yet... :-)


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