Saturday, April 9, 2011

little secret

there's something that i've been wanting to tell the whole world for some time now... i'm usually the kind who squeals right away when something excites me.... but this time, although a lot of my friends know already.... i still choose to find the perfect time.... :-)

so no squeling for today.... not now...not yet... :-)


  1. weee!!! glad i'm one of ur friends at least i already know what this is about. :)

    ei! blog-bug has bitten u again! congrats!

    me, shooting has bitten me again and cooking is catching up! :D i miss ur cooking and eating w/u like there's no tomorrow. hehehe

    -- mumay

  2. mumay!!!! :D hehehehe yeah am so excited to blog about a million things... lalo na today natapos ko na FS ko!!! weeeeee!!!! may oras na mgblog ulit hehehe

    nice to hear you're cooking na ulet!!! hehehe nalulungkot kasi ako para sa kusina nyo nung huling dalaw ko jan hehehe feeling ko bored na bored na sya hehehe :D miss eating with you too! make that LAMON with you! hehehehe uwi ka na sa May dali!!!! :D

  3. Buti nalang din nakilala kita at naging friends tayo weehhhh....happy happy happy.....Blog na ulet....:)

  4. HAPPY for you. soooo much. so much love waiting for you.

    really am so happy for you. the whole 40 weeks was hard for me, but am gonna do it again maybe 4 to 5 years from now. It's just an amazing love, nothing but love.

    cheers to joy, love happiness.



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