Monday, March 21, 2011

supermoon view from the top!

i was feeling disappointed when i saw that i was given an "F" seat which is on the east side of the plane going to manila.... i was disappointed because i particularly asked for a window seat on the left side which will be the sunset side of the plane (i was travelling between 530pm-7pm).... but my mood changed when i looked out my window to try taking photos of clouds during twilight... because these are the views i got!!! and i remembered UP Astrosoc was even gathering that night to observe the supermoon!!! (moon's closest to earth this year).

my thoughts during this time, my Astro-friends might have been haviing a blocked view of the supermoon... the sea of clouds seem thick...

i love this last photo.... it just looks surreal.... :-)

Cebu Pacific Flight - Zambo-Manila
19 March 2011


  1. wow its so nice to see the moon much closer :P

  2. I always love gazing up at the moon, i would have been thrilled too to be on a plane, just a bit closer during Super Moon. :)



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