Sunday, September 21, 2014

lunchdate with lolo and lola

these 2 boys are lucky to be growing up around a lolo & a lola.... i know how it feels to have a spoiler around.... i was able to somehow spent some year/s with a lolo/lola before too....  (though extra challenge for mommy/daddy kasi merong spoiler! haha!)

one sunday lunch, habang dayoff ang mga yaya, ngkatamaran lang kaming mgluto sa house so since ngoffer ang lolo ng treat, we decided to head to Chowking Camins, perfect timing dahil supposedly may dapat na darating na plane by 1pm....that resto has a 2nd floor which has a nice view of the the part of the runway where planes usually make their touchdown....

 one of those apo-grannies dates that daddy-mommy were able to join kaya may photos.... :-) 

my regular "selfie" buddy... mommy taking advantage while he's still ok with it.... dahil si kuya....ayaw na!!!

here's what i mean.... lagi na lang ganyan..... kaya kung nasa mood, e pindutin na agad ang camera!!!

ze lola....

ze lolo...with his fave halohalo.... the pao usually don't like lolo (lagi silang ngtatalong dalawa....) but he sat beside lolo this time.... kasi.....

the lolo's seat had a wonderful view of the intersection...where at that time, a lot of big trucks, even loaders and backhoes on trucks!, passed by while we were having lunch! 

the day before, most flights were delayed, i think due to heavy rains in manila and i think they had a prob with their watch tower.... looks like the flight that lunchtime was also affected... we finished eating almost 2pm but still no plane.... we got bored already so we decided to leave....

....and continue the lolo-lola-paomat (at alalay na mommy/daddy) date to their fave barbero... :D

and it's back to the normal dirty afternoon at home again.... :D

september 21, 2014
paolo: 2yrs 11mos 12days
mateo: 1yr 3mos 9days

created and posted: October 13, 2014

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