Friday, February 28, 2014

lana sardinas: isang papet musikal ni Kiko Miranda (first run!)

i first heard of this when i saw their call for casting last February i think.... back then i was only hoping i'll be able to watch it.... pangit or not... hehehe pagkatapos nun i've completely forgotten about the play until Mam June Bugante suggested it to me and Juvee after we go loka about not being able to catch the international film festival during Dia de Zamboanga celebration.... good thing it was on a friday night, with no scheduled overtime work! so off to Ateneo we go.... the FB invite says no admission fee, pay as able... it's up to us to price the group's performance!

it was more or less an outdoor setup (hooray for no rain!)... we noticed an expensive lights & sounds supplier so expectations shoot up immediately hehe.... but even then the performance exceeded that! you won't feel the outdoor setup the whole time, actually you won't notice anything else except the play! heard later that several members of the cast were first timers! you won't notice that too!!! 

ok i know im all raving about Lana Sardinas... hehe :-)

for one, the story and the lines are neatly done (hooray sir Kiko!).... the music, flawless! (well at least for a non-musician ear hehe)... and each character well delivered.... :-)

Aside from being a cute, well done play it's nice to know that it also campaigns to protect the sardines of the Sulu-Celebes sea which at this moment is being threatened from over fishing and wrong methods of fishing...just imagine the effect of depleted supply of sardines in our area... the effect: magdidisappear or magmamahal ang mga de latang sardinas! (which is a basic go-to food of our not-so-well-off kabayans) 

'nuff daldal... here's some scenes from the first night of the play!
(im still wishing though that i can get the names of everyone and include them here)

di ko alam paano itranslate to english.... but then here's some info about the whos behind the play

set...Lana! and her mom....and that bomb scene with red lights and red clothes thrown from everywhere... effective!

i hope i get this right.... here's the Tuna (gabay sa mga naliligaw na isda).... supposed to be almost extinct... first character Lana encountered

then the crab! nagtatalo pa kami kung ano sya... hehe but i appreciate how cute how it was build up.... and the sickly seahorse...more characters met by Lana.... i was too engrossed watching the next character (a pregnant turtle) that i forgot to take photos

Lana's big light bulb moment.... realization about us humans...ending her hatred and her learning to forgive.... :-)

ghost pop and mom! and the return of the whole cast for the finale! hehe too cute, kids will definitely love this.... lines are simple and very basic... but says a lot!

the cast with sir kiko miranda (writer, director and puppet designer/maker)

makulit lang kami and we have to take photos with all of them.... starting with Sir Kiko.

group picture daw.... biglang narealize ko ako lang ang nakatayo sa harap nila na may camera!!! hahaha

syempre sama kami!!! :-)

with the guy who made the nice music of Lana.... he's just an undergrad!!!!

but of course, we can not leave the place without a photo with the Lana! (na naputol sa pic!!!! eeeek!!!)

10 shots!!!

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  1. Ang galing naman ng creator ng puppet play. Sure thing the audience will remember how to take care of the sea and all the living things therein.



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