Wednesday, January 4, 2012

old school library @ People's Place (Tacloban City)

finally, i'll be able to continue my Tacloban series....


we were on this part of Tacloban where our intention was to see the Sto Nino Shrine... and to our delight, we discoverd Kyle's and then this... we asked around and they told us this place is called The People's Center and Library. It's just beside the Sto Nino Shrine.

it's a function hall on the ground floor and really old school library on the 2nd floor.... i fell in love instantly on the library part... i mean i still experienced that time where internet was still not very accessible and the UP Main Library is such a big go to place for my nerdy requirements hehehehe... and it had been my refuge, comforting me despite cramming to prepare for an exam....i simply love the feel of this kind of place...

the place is peppered with dioramas (looks like Imelda Marcos is sooo into dioramas)... theme of the dioramas in this part of Leyte depicts giving birth traditions of various tribes in the Philippines...

interesting place. :-)  it wouldn't hurt if you can take a peep in this place if you happen to be in Tacloban.

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