Monday, January 16, 2012

yey for 4lbs!!!

finally!!! masasabi ko na talangang i've lost 4lbs!!! my weighing scale seemed to be undecided for the past days... hehehe but now it constantly gives me 4-5lbs off! hehehe i've also tried to weigh in from the scale where i get my preggy weight monthly and then from another scale... and they're all consistent! 

and wait.. there's more! uulitin ko i dropped 4lbs... and i also lost 2inches off the belly button part (mali atang eto ang mineasure ko for the waist) and 4inches off the hip part!!!

i can scream my heart out now... right??? right??? hehehe but still looooong way to go! i'm supposed to lose 10-12lbs/month until March 31... still keeping my fingers crossed and my sense of discipline... i hope i won't lose it.... :-) 45days to go!!! 

you bet it was 4lbs!!!

using somebody else's jersey hehe mejo tight pa yung akin... :D cguro by Feb i can wear it na without looking like suman. :D

i just have to add this pic... i wasn't able to capture how grand this actually look like.... im a clouds and stars and sky person, small things like this makes me stop and breath it in.... spent 6minutes tuloy to finish one round instead of just 3 hehehe

random shots from that afternoon.... wearing Magdalo running jersey, gift ni kuya sa akin, ke leo, pao, mamang and papang. hope we can wear it all at the same time and have photos taken hihihi :D mine's a bit tight pa and pao's really big pa sa kanya.... salamat kuyapots, chuchay, jewel and alyn!!!

we found doc JP!!! our new jogging buddy until the 29th right?

and kaladkarin mam nads and edsel.... kaya natin to!!! it's nice to have more of us running/walking.... hope mam june and mam jhi can join us soon too!

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