Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finally!!! Merloquet Waterfalls!

after 2 years of wishing and 1 failed attempt last year... finally!!! all the delays are soooooo worth it. that day was just simply perfect for us to experience this pretty hidden  somewhere almost at the edge of zamboanga city... 

Merloquet waterfalls...you're just too beautiful beyond words! i hope im just exaggerating, but tell you what she's a pretty in the photos but more jaw-dropping in real life... and to actually be there and play with the falls... aaaah! orgasms! hehehe :-)

a little info: Merloquet falls is in Barangay Sibulao, some 78kilometers east of the city. 

she looks small, but place a person with her and you'll see her grandness....

you can never resist.... you will definitely indulge! looooove!

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can i just say... somebody was soooo gay for some photos kaya somebody was sooo gay sliding off the frame... hehehehe 

 i'm glad we were able to come here when she's still in all her grand rawness... no cottages whatsoever.... no trace that it is some touristy place... just plain rawness... we actually had our lunch under the rain! it was kinda crazy but fun... 

the City Government of Zamboanga have plans of developing the area so the falls can be promoted as an eco-tourism destination... while we were there, some pips from the City Engineers' Office were also there to survey the area for some road paving.

how to get there???

right now you need to have your own ride... otherwise you commute to Vitali (City proper to Vitali would mean some 2hour roadtrip...yep more like Manila to bta)... from there i still have no idea if it's easy to get any van or jeepney to go there... the jumpoff is still some 30-45min away from the highway. but im pretty sure habal-habal's available too... just ask locals where to get one....

we stopped by the Parish Church of Vitali, one of our friends contacted the Parish Priest for some guide for us.... he actually provided us 2... that Bataan street sign in the photo is where you'll turn to start the trip to Merloquet from Vitali.... the ride is a bit unfriendly for regular cars. We had a hard time figuring out how to maneuver through some major major road cracks.

we left the cars at a house before the road turns right to a newly opened dirtroad... we have to walk from there... (but later once this part of the road is paved, there's some big space at the end before the trail starts to slope downward where cars can be parked). im ok with keeping the dirt road, that little walk's fun! adding up to the whole middle of nowhere feel of an adventure. :-)

the hike would get more challenging once you start with the downward slope... it was more challenging for us because it rained the night before... it was all slippery... but we survived!!! nobody got their butts on the ground! :D

going back up was even more challenging because it rained while we were at the falls... the mud along the steep trail got even more slimy! some went barefoot already! there's barely anything to hold on too if you feel like slipping off. :-) then the walk back to the cars just became unnoticed because we were just laughing and teasing each other. :-) 

that cute guy in white shirt's the parish priest of Vitali... we passed by his place for some saging na saba with sardinas or ginamus before heading back to the city... thanks so much for the food and the guide help Father! :-)

i'm not sure how else to go there but to ask his assistance... as of now no organized guides is available in Vitali... but the Zaters organizes big group trips to this place too... i hope soon vehicles for rent and guides will be easily available.

more of our happy Merloquet photos in these links: 


  1. the falls looks so beautiful.. want to go there soon... ^^

  2. I've never been there but our staff at veztv are contemplating to go to that place to shoot. im thinking "it'll be so much fun!" thanks for sharing the fun photos with us! :)

  3. seems u really had fun.. and loved the view.. never had a chance to go there..

  4. seems u really had fun.. and the pictures look great!

  5. aww. The place is breath taking! That place is definitely for happy campers! ;p
    Wish I could go there. Btw, If you have time, please do join my birthday giveaway. Hoping to see you there!


  6. Nice. Never got the chance to see Merloquet! :D The first falls I ever went and reached in Zamboanga was Congo Falls. :D hahahaha

  7. oh mygad. didn't know merloquet really exists :)) i wanna go there. i'll surely go here! :D thanks for the info.

  8. Wow! Thanks for this wonderful promotion! :) hehehe
    I'm a from Vitali. We're pleasured and honored for such an effort.

    Gracias! ^_^ See you soon here!

  9. Wow! Felt great when i read this blog.

    Thank you for promoting our very own Merloquet Waterfalls. ^_^
    We are just here to assist you if you plan to visit the majestic waterfalls!

    Gracias! Hope to see you guys soon. ^_^
    God Bless.

  10. ang ganda naman po dyan.pwedeng pong pa-share? we'll try to include that in our zamboanga itinerary. salamat po. =)

  11. Who can guide us there next week?

    1. hello! i'm not too sure if there's any formal guides there now... we just got ours from the Parish priest... he was a friend of one of us... you might want to drop by the church, he's nice and might just help you too! :-)

  12. sana pagbalik ko ng Zamboanga, mapuntahan ko 'to...kaso ang hirap puntahan ah... thanks for the info...sana ma-contact namin si Father... :)

    1. No need to get a guide when you go there. The people of Barangay Sibulao where the waterfalls is located will gladly help you. The habal-habal drivers can serve as your guide.

  13. Glad I was able to visit Merloquet Falls. The downhill hike from the new road they cleared is not bad, mga 15 mins. hike na lang. I heard the hike used to take 1 hour or more. Looks like your group had loads of fun there. :)

  14. wow, falls! i want to see one. i wish i could travel here.

  15. Promising place indeed, Ate Charm! inggit much! :) nakakailang failed attempts na rin ako sa Merloquet trip every time i go home to Zambo! ehehe!



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