Thursday, June 7, 2012

we're running again!

after what feels like months of not running and binging, we were back on the tracks again... it seems like it's hard to push ourselves to start again, took a lot of will power to fight off laziness and the rain (yes of our excuse! so yey for itlog powers!)

run mode's back, appetite's finally controlled... we'll see if we'll get anywhere in a month... :-)

i hope this post will not jinx the momentum... :-)


  1. go girl :)
    it's also my plan to run again .. oh i mean jog :)hopefully, ill have the time and the eagerness to do it :)

  2. oh my ! ako na ang naiingit! pero di ko talaga gusto ang tumakbo or kahit mag treadmill man lang... weight gain program ang labas, ang lakas ko kumaina after. :/

    hopefully 'di nga ma jinx. good luck sa pagtakbo! yey! :)



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