Monday, June 11, 2012

kusina xprmnt: unmodified french toast

i remember the first time i've tried a french toast... i was in first year college and my boardmate just thought of making some for everyone in the boarding house... what i can remember is the soft creamy feel of the bread... which made me compare it to pancakes...but a whole lot better.... been wanting to try making it myself... and 14years after finally i get to... ha!

the first attempt was a bit of a failure... bread still tasted bread... the following day, i increased the milk so the bread can absorb some more.... it tasted better but something's still lacking... i guess it's butter, i skipped butter so my diabetic mom can have a few bites too... but i think the next batch would really need some butter.... and some maple syrup too!!! :-)

here's how i tried to copy some french toast recipe... i did not try to do anything unusual... just trying if i can pull this off... will be more daring in the next batches... :D

what you'll need:
4 eggs
4-5 tablespoon of condensed milk (or more if you want!!)
half a cup of evaporated milk
half a tablespoon of vanilla extract
6-8 slices of day old bread
a little olive oil (butter would be a yummier choice here)

the how:
1.) mix eggs and all the milk and vanilla in a bowl. ensure bowl is big enough to allow soaking of the bread later
2.) soak in the slices of bread in the mixture... let it absorb the liquid...
3.) heat the pan (non stick so you won't have a hard time doing this!) and add a little olive oil... (butter butter butter's better!)
4.) place the soaked bread and let it have some burned color before turning to the other side... careful not to overdo one side otherwise your french toast will just taste burned...
5.) serve it with anything you want... sausage or some fruit would be nice... :-)


  1. Although I'm not a breakfast person, I really enjoy french toasts. It's definitely more tasty than normal toast and you're right in saying that vienna sausages would go perfectly with it! :D

  2. i love breakfasts! pero huhu i don't like french toast kasi allergic ako sa itlog (at ayaw ko rin talaga)

    ang tagal mo na palang gustong gumawa ng french toast. whoa! why just now? :)

    1. dahil now lang ako ngkaron ng nonstick pan! hahaha

  3. Looks great! Ang sarap ng french toast talaga. Try ko version mo. :) Followed you on GFC and liked you on FB. :)

  4. Oh, man. I haven't had french toast in forever.....

  5. I love french toast! It brings memories of my closest aunt who passed away several years ago. Back in the 90s when there were scheduled brown outs in Metro Manila, she would plan out our afternoon snacks and we would have them outside in our backyard. My cousins would hangout in our house back then just for those snacks that include French toast :) Thank you for the reminder.



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