Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1st Paseo del Mar trip ni Pao

yey! finally we were able to bring the babyboo to Paseo! it was a major field day for him... he loves open spaces and lots of curious stuff around!!! :-)

we've been planning for this trip for as long as i can remember... we decided impromptu after pao's immunization that day that we'll treat him with a little sidetrip... the prick didn't bother him at all the whole time! im'ma proud momma! hehehe mataas din tolerance sa pain ng babyboo ko!!!

the Badjaos who flock the place for coin diving made those brows meet again... :-) daddy and tita leila was throwing coins for them to dive so almost all bancas in the area went right in front of us... the drum and the dancing got him hooked at them... :-)

love my curious little man to bits!!! <3

the little buddy was acting crazy with his daddy that day... he cries at the site of him, he doesn't even want daddy to fan for him... crazy kid! at the end of the day daddy was feeling bad already, paopao doesn't want him anymore haha! but when we were at paseo pao was back in his happy mode and was BFF with daddy again. :-) good thing... because of that mommy, yaya and tita leila were able to pig out!!!
after having her merienda, it was yaya ging turn to attend to pao... he wanted to go around so we let them... after some time we tried to look for them everywhere and couldn't find them until yaya ging called us from the Distrito area... the little buddy was enjoying himself so much with the aquarium! :-) fish lover ey! yey!!!

i know the little kid had a blast... so we all went home very very very happy... looking forward to more gala for Pao!!! you're turning into a Kaladkarin already sweetheart! mommy loves that! haha! :D


  1. That Badjao kid sure knows how to pose! LOL. I missed Paseo last time I went back to Zamboanga City.

    1. he reminded me of Golum actually... hehehe :-)

  2. Aww, kudos to the baby na hindi naapektohan ng sakit ng injection :>
    it's been a while since i've been to paseo though hmm



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