Thursday, May 31, 2012

we've finally met McArthur! (Tacloban City)

...and finally, i will be able to continue my Tacloban series... hehe this was a trip I had with my GE buddy Ezra back in 2010 (before I got married and got myself a baby!)... i started the series but didn't get to finish, so here's another attempt to complete it, i'm just too OC to let go and leave it undone hehe :D


when we travel we as much as possible try not to be too touristy... but Mr. McArthur seems to be too irresistible so we included him in our IT... The park is located in Palo, Leyte, some 5kilometers or so from Tacloban. The fun part here is more on figuring out how to get to the park, we opted to commute around Tacloban instead of hiring a ride so we spent some time trying to find the jeepney's terminal. 
here's a few facts i read about the creator of the Leyte Landing Memorial (from Ivy Eunice's blog)
  • the taller-than-life McArthur and gang was made by Anastacio Tanchangco Caedo (1907-1990) from Batangas. 
  • He was mentored by Guillermo Tolentino (creator of the UP Oblation among others). He assisted Tolentino in most of his works. 
  • Guillermo Tolentino actually modeled The UP Oblation through Anastacio Caedo's physique, not by the famous Fernando Poe Sr. 
Among McArthur's landing gang, this particular character had become my fave. Well, for the simple reason that he's the only one without anything on his head. :-) hehe

Read from this post that there were some historians who said that it actually took them 5hours and 3 takes to create that historic "I have returned" video of McArthur. Craziness! 

There was a nice grassy park beside the landmark. We rested there before heading to our next Off-the-Beaten-Path destination. 

From Tacloban, you can take a jeepney with "Gov't Center" sign. It will take you directly to the park. The Leyte Landing Memorial is actually in a place surrounded with several Government Offices, including the Philippine Science High School-Leyte.

Going back to Tacloban, you have to go back first to the highway before you can take a jeep. It's a bit far for a walk, but there are several pedicab waiting beside the park. I think we paid Php10 each for the ride. 
and we really have to stop here for a little shoot! :-) see that road behind the statue? that leads to McArthur's place. We were already on our way back to the highway with the pedicab so we were able to ask for a little stopover.

Leyte Landing Memorial
Read Beach, Palo, Leyte
September 18, 2010


  1. sa leyte pala yang statue ni mcarthur. hindi ba pwede dun sa tabi magposing. =)

    1. michi if you're willing ilublob yung paa mo sa tubig e ok lang... pero kasi mukhang marumi, may mga cig butts and plastics kaya di na kami ngdare hehehehe :D



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