Friday, May 4, 2012

promding chamimay is under construction for the meantime

well.... that is i'm still trying to put some order in my archiving... hehehe been wanting to have pages which will lead you to a more organized index because this blog is one big chopsuey of my everything.... i realized i don't have the skills to do an elaborate page yet and also learned that blogger can only provide static pages so i'm resorting to a barbaric way (manually doing it, that is hehehe) of linking all my posts per page... if there's anyone  who happened to pass this way and knows how to.... please i beg you, help me. :-) hehehe 

i found a blog who has what i had been thinking all along.... here, check this out: :-) well i'm not really keen on wanting my blog to be like that, i still want my homepage as plain and simple as i have it now, i just want my posts to be linked in the pages automatically and with the summaries and photos too.... 

i suppose this is what's going to eat my online time this month... :-) fingers crossed i hope to figure everything out by end of May! 

yey to little projects! :D


  1. napasmile ko sa chopsuey, ganun din kasi blog ko. hehe! following back. =)

    1. hehehe thanks michi! i've tried maintaining other blogs but i ended up getting stressed out some more so il just stick with the chopsuey then.. :D hehe



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