Tuesday, April 2, 2013

kusina xprmnt: lemon pesto pasta

here's a super delayed recipe post... this was during the peak of my lemon-pasta craze... been experimenting pasta recipes with lemons (well not really hehehe i only came up with 2... the lemon-garlic and this one, the lemon-pesto pasta hehe)

am sharing this very simple yet taste-like-a-pro recipe! :D

here's what you'll need:

olive oil
parmesan cheese
pesto (there's ready made in groceries already)
canned tuna (to top the pasta)
salt & pepper to taste

here's how to do it:

1. cook pasta per packaging instruction. drain and set aside.

2. saute garlic with olive oil (you may add more olive oil that usual saute to keep your pasta moist later).

3. add pesto and lemon juice (you may include a few lemon zest too!). stir for a minute or 2 only.

4. add in pasta. mix. make sure that each pasta is covered by the lemon-olive oil-pesto mix.

5. saute tuna with garlic and onion. 

6. plate pasta with the lemon-olive oil-pesto mix and top with the sauteed tuna. serve 

a little note: when you buy your olives make sure that you get the sliced and not just the pitted ones hehehe, will definitely save you time! :D


  1. The last time I made pesto was a tragedy. hehehe.. Hirap ubusin...

  2. as in you created your own pesto from scratch? wow! that's cool! i would still need to have a food processor before il dare to do that.... i tried using my blender for a malunggay pest, it was also a disaster... hehehe :D

  3. I saw that bottle of pesto in a grocery here. I have been planning to try those but I dunno how to use them for cooking. Thanks for this recipe!

  4. I remember the malunggay pesto Daddy made. Matt's reaction was so funny. haha.

    Mommy Maye2

  5. Hmmm... yummy I'm a lover of pasta dishes. Looks tasty enough!

  6. It's something different to what I ate but it looks good :). Thanks for sharing the recipe

  7. I love pesto. It always goes well with tuna on pasta.

  8. i made a pesto before, i need to perfect my timpla pa haha

  9. Lakas makasosyal! This looks really good, Charm. I wanna try!

  10. Your pasta really looks good! Haven't tried making pesto from scratch. Will try your recipe. :)



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