Monday, January 20, 2014

my new baby herbs!

finally! im giving this wish another chance.... last time i was only able to get sweet basil and then i completely forgot about it, i actually don't know where in my parents' garden that poor thing is...or maybe it died already.... this time, i bought plenty para ma-force na ako to take care of them otherwise sayang ang money... hehehe :-) im getting them pretty pots as soon as able (sana after work today but i have to attend to the new payroll system pa...waaahh!) anyways, im still happy was able to start this on the first month of the year.... i will sustain this! i swear! hihihi will update this blog about these babies 3months later, i hope they are all still alive by then! :D

i got the following:
1 purple basil
1 sweet basil
1 rosemary
1 tarragon
1 italian oregano
2 mint

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